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Sdlg Scores A ‘Hole In One’

SDLG Scores A ‘Hole In One’

Recently Sdlg Delivered Two Units Of Lf Wheel Loaders To Uae Contractor Desert Group Llc. The Loaders Are Being Used On A Year Long Project To Build A 9 Hole Golf Course On Yas Island Abu Dhabi Where Their Uptime Is Crucial To Completing The Development On Time. The Loaders Will Be Used To Transport Off Site Materials Onto The Golf Course Including Boulders And Sand Which Will Be Used For Landscaping. “The Loaders Will Be Covering Roughly 1.2km In Distance With Each Trip They Make So Having A Smooth Loading And Delivery Process Is Really Important To Keep Us On Schedule” Said Lawrence Walsh Manager At Desert Group Llc. The Main Challenge When Working In Desert Conditions Is Not Only The Heat But The Dust Too. “We Have To Clean The Filters Regularly And Ensure Regular Breaks For Staff Especially During The Summer” Walsh Adds. Luckily The Loaders Are Built For The Job. “The Technology Isn’t As Advanced But That Was Never My Main Priority” Says John Richards Workshop Manager At Desert Group Llc. “We Wanted Something Simple And Reliable Easy To Fix Easy To Use And With Good Fuel Efficiency.” The Company Has A Strong Relationship With Sdlg Dealer Al Futtaim Auto And Machinery Company (Famco). “Famco Have Been Absolutely Fantastic With Their Service; Any Time We Have An Issue Which Is Very Rare They Are Here Within Hours” Said Joseph Gomez Project Manager At Desert Group Llc.

John Deere 944 K Hybrid Wheel Loader Reaches 1 Million Field Hours

John Deere 944K Hybrid Wheel Loader Reaches 1 Million Field Hours

The K Hybrid Loader Reaches Million Operating Hours In The Field. The 944 K Hybrid Wheel Loader Reached 1 Million Operating Hours In The Field Showcasing The Durability And Performance Of The John Deere Electric Drive Solution. Since Its Launch In 2015 The 944 K Has Provided Customers With A Reliable Highly Productive Cost Effective Equipment Solution Designed With Their Needs In Mind. A Testament To The Durability And Performance Of The John Deere Machines The 944 K Hybrid Wheel Loader Has Logged 1 Million Operating Hours In The Field. With The Achievement Of This Milestone Customers Can Be Confident In The 944 K’s Quality And Reliability Even In The Toughest Of Conditions. “Whenever We Develop A Machine Customer Needs Such As Durability Productivity Profitability And Low Operating Costs Are Always At The Forefront Of Our Designs. By Reaching The 1 Million Hour Mark On Our 944 K Loaders We Are Affirming That Electrically Driven Machines Offer Proven Durability And Performance Advantages For Our Customers” Said Grant Van Tine Solutions Marketing Manager John Deere. “We’re Always Looking For New Ways To Improve Upon The Equipment Our Customers Need And Can Use Our Field Proven Design To Develop And Perfect Even More Solutions In The Future.” First Launching In 2015 The 944 K Hybrid Model Provides Customers With A Reliable Efficient Cost Effective Solution. The 944 K Hybrid Features A 536 Horsepower Final Tier 4 Engine Which Delivers Impressive Torque And Responsiveness While Maintaining Good Boom And Bucket Speed. At Cornejo &Amp; Sons (Summit Materials) The 944 K Replaced A Size Class Larger Competitive Wheel Loader. “The 944 K Meets Our Production Requirements As Well As Our Previous Piece Of Equipment And At A Lower Cost” Said Adam Ware Site Manager For Cornejo &Amp; Sons (Summit Materials) Which Owns A 944 K Hybrid Wheel Loader. “The Other Machine Burned About 24 Gallons Of Fuel An Hour Where The 944 K Burns Around 9 Gallons Per Hour While Doing The Same Work.” In Addition To Its Fuel Saving Capabilities The 944 K Hybrid Also Incorporates Other Features To Deliver Reliable Long Term Performance Especially In Quarry Or Large Loadout Applications. Most Notable Are The Brushless Ac Generators And Motors Water Cooled Brake Resistors And Solid State Power Electronics. The 944 K’s Electric Drive System Significantly Reduces Operating Costs For Customers Compared To Conventional Drivetrains By Eliminating Torque Converter And Transmission Rebuilds At Mid Life. Other Key Features Include Standard Traction Control Which Automatically Limits Torque To Any Wheel When Slippage Occurs Increasing Machine Traction In Poor Underfoot Conditions And Enhanced Rimpull Control To Virtually Eliminate Tire Spin And Slicing. Coast Control Reduces Service Brake Wear And Includes Functions Like Dynamic Braking In A Hydrostatic Transmission Slowing The Loader Without Touching A Pedal And Helping To Reduce Service Break Component Wear.

Prebooking Of Volvo Ce's Electric Machines

Prebooking Of Volvo CE's Electric Machines

The Volvo Ecr Electric And The L Electric Seven Additional European Nations Join The List Of Countries Where Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo Ce) Customers Can Prebook One Of The New Electric Compact Machines Via An Online Portal. From October 14th Customers In Sweden Finland Denmark Belgium Luxemburg Austria And Switzerland Will Join Other European Countries And North America In Being Able To Reserve A Place In The Production Queue For The New Ecr25 Electric Compact Excavator And L25 Electric Compact Wheel Loader. With Zero Exhaust Emissions And Low Noise Levels And Vibrations These Machines Are The Perfect Choice For Inner City Jobsites Or Any Sensitive Work Environment. They Provide Lower Maintenance Levels Improved Operator Comfort And The Ability To Meet Stringent Environmental And Noise Regulations. “The Online Pre Booking Tool Is A New Approach Which Targets The Early Adopters Of Electric Machines And Identifies New Customer Segments. We Are Now Making This Platform Available To An Even Wider Customer Base” Explains Carl Slotte Head Of Sales Region Europe Volvo Ce. “One Of Our Main Priorities Is The Customer Experience And We Want To Stay Up To Date With New Technologies That Will Streamline Our Processes And Aid Our Customers And Sales Teams. We Look Forward To Hearing What Our Customers Think.” Expanding The Customer Base By Registering On The Prebooking Tool Customers Will Be Able To Reserve A Place In The Production Queue For The Electric Machines. After This Customers Will Then Be Informed That They Have Been Cleared To Place An Actual Order For The Machines. The First Deliveries Of The Electric Compact Machines To Customers In These Countries Will Commence At The Beginning Of 2021. The Online Portal Has Been Conceived To Expand The Opportunities For Customers To Buy One Of These Machines And To Broaden The Way These Machines Are Used By Customers. It Is Being Managed In Collaboration With Local Dealers. Warranty With A Customer Focus As Electric Machines Will Be A New Experience For Many Customers Volvo Will Provide 100% Peace Of Mind By Providing Two Years Standard Warranty On The Complete Machine Including Services And The Use Of Genuine Volvo Parts Provided By The Local Volvo Dealer As Standard. In Addition A Total Of Five Years Coverage On Electronics And Batteries Is Also Included As Standard If The Customer Signs Up For A Service Agreement With A Volvo Ce Dealer.

Sandvik Presents The World’s First 18 Tonne Battery Loader

Sandvik Presents The World’s First 18 Tonne Battery Loader

Sandvik Is Introducing Its New Battery Electric Loader The 18 Tonne Lh518 B. The All New Loader Is The Result Of Sandvik’s Decades Of Engineering Expertise Matched With Artisan Vehicle’s Innovative Powertrain Technology And Battery System Expertise. The Lh518 B From Sandvik Has Been Designed Ground Up Entirely Around The Loader’s Artisan Battery System And Electric Driveline To Best Utilize The Possibilities That The Battery Technology Brings. It Was Not Enough To Replace Some Components Or Redesign Only A Part Of The Equipment: The Designers Were Compelled To Rethink The Whole Machine. For The Customers When The Oem Rethinks The Machine It Means That The Mine Doesn’t Need To Rethink Its Whole Infrastructure. In Practice Changing The Loader Battery Does Not Require Any Cranes Or Forklifts Thanks To The Patented Auto Swap Feature. The New Lh518 B Battery Electric Loader Comes With An Exceptional Capacity For Its Size: Its Design Solutions Allow The Loader To Fit In A 4.5 X 4.5 Meter Tunnel And Carry 18 Tonne Loads. In Addition To An Innovative Boom And Bucket System The Lh518 B Features Independent Front And Rear Drivetrains Allowing High Payload Capacity While Keeping A Low Overall Height. For Superior Productivity The Lh518 B Is Equipped With Three 2000 Nm Permanent Magnet Motors. With No Torque Converter Transmission Or Engine To Rev Up The Loader Is Fast And Agile. There Are No Emission Restrictions Based On Installed Power To Limit The Electric Motor Selection Which Enables The Use Of The Most Powerful Motors Available That Are Suited For The Underground Conditions. The Lh518 B Is Equipped With Auto Swap A Patented Self Swapping System For The Artisan™ Battery Pack. Battery Swapping Is Made Fast And Easy With Minimum Amount Of Manual Handling: Changing The Battery Only Takes About 6 Minutes And It Can Be Done In A Passing Bay Or Old Re Muck Bay With No Overhead Cranes Or External Infrastructure Needed. The Brand New Auto Connect Feature Available For The First Time On The Lh518 B Is Making Swapping Even Easier And Faster By Automatically Connecting And Disconnecting The Battery Pack To The Machine. Aside From Unplugging And Plugging In The Charger The Operator Doesn’t Need To Leave The Cabin Which Saves Minutes On The Swapping Procedure And Decreases Effort And Risk In The Swapping Process. The Purely Battery Powered Loader Helps To Reduce Heat And Emissions Underground Helping Mines Reach Their Sustainability Targets And Reduce Ventilation Costs. The Robust Battery Pack Uses Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry (Li Fe Po4) And Is Purpose Designed For Use In Underground Mining. Currently Sandvik Is Expanding The Bev Loader And Truck Offering And Prepares To Enter New Market Areas Which Will Happen In Phases And Model By Model. When The Battery Loaders And Trucks Are Introduced To New Markets Sandvik Will Be Ready To Offer Full Product Support And Aftermarket Services For Its Customers.

معدات البناء

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

15 ديس 2020 - 16 ديس 2020

مدينة: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

مزادات اليورو

14 ديس 2020 - 14 ديس 2020

مدينة: دبي،الامارات العربية المتحدة

Epic Auctions

04 ديس 2020 - 10 ديس 2020

مدينة: Leende, Netherlands

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

25 نوف 2020 - 26 نوف 2020

مدينة: Moerdijk, Netherlands

مزادات اليورو

24 نوف 2020 - 24 نوف 2020

مدينة: سرقسطة ، إسبانيا

Epic Auctions

20 نوف 2020 - 26 نوف 2020

مدينة: Beesd, Netherlands

مزادات اليورو

19 نوف 2020 - 19 نوف 2020

مدينة: بريسبان، أستراليا

مزادات برميان الدولية

17 نوف 2020 - 18 نوف 2020

مدينة: ميدلاند ، تكساس ، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

12 نوف 2020 - 12 نوف 2020

مدينة: Orlando, FL, USA

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

05 نوف 2020 - 05 نوف 2020

مدينة: St Aubin sur Gaillon, France

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

02 نوف 2020 - 02 نوف 2020

مدينة: Falher, AB, Canada

مزادات مالكوم هاريسون

31 أكت 2020 - 31 أكت 2020

مدينة: Haverhill, United Kingdom

مزادات اليورو

28 أكت 2020 - 31 أكت 2020

مدينة: ليدز ، المملكة المتحدة

Epic Auctions

16 أكت 2020 - 29 أكت 2020

مدينة: Leende, Netherlands

Auctelia SA

13 أكت 2020 - 27 أكت 2020

مدينة: Geraardsbergen, Belgium

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