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Komatsu Europe introduces D475A-8 Dozer

Komatsu Europe introduces D475A-8 Dozer

Outstanding productivity and enhanced ride performance. Komatsu Europe announces the launch of the 112 tonnes D475A-8 crawler dozer with improved production levels and new features for comfort and safety. Its powerful and economical Komatsu engine integrates the latest emission control technologies and fuel-saving features. Increased engine power provides faster reverse climbing speed lower cycle times and a drastic increase in productivity. It’s a safe fast and powerful addition to any customer’s fleet Gregory Peeters is Product Manager at Komatsu Europe. He says: “The new D475A-8 was designed with the operator in mind to easily enable the full use of the increased engine power and to safely and comfortably improve productivity. It’s a safe fast and powerful addition to any customer’s fleet”. The latest KOMTRAX and KOMTRAX Plus telematics and the Komatsu Care maintenance program offer top fleet management and support protect the machine against misuse and guarantee maximum efficiency and uptime. Ecology and performance The D475A-8 has an operating weight of 112.600 kg. A new Komatsu SAA12V140E-7 engine EU Stage V compliant provides 697 kW 934 HP @ 2.000 rpm in forward gear and 777 kW 1040 HP @ 2.000 rpm in reverse. For greater efficiency during long pushes the torque converter lockup clutch can be automatically engaged. Engine power is then sent directly to the transmission increasing ground speed and machine efficiency for less fuel consumption and faster cycle times. At any time the working mode can be set to either “P mode” for maximum production (Power) or “E mode” for energy-saving operation (Economy). Combined with the automatic or manual gearshift mode this allows to select optimal machine operating conditions for the work at hand. Standard features can be activated by the operator for comfortable operations and high productivity. The variable giant ripper is ideal for digging through tough material. The Auto Downshift function reverse slow mode or Track shoe slip control mode are all easily available and can be quickly cancelled. The K-Bogie undercarriage system increases the length of track on ground to improve machine stability and traction. First Class Comfort The D475A-8 has a new tall and spacious cab with a high rigidity structure and new dampers for the mounts. Large glass windows provide outstanding visibility on both blade and ripper. A new reclining air-suspension seat reduces vibrations for the operator: fixed in an angled position (12°) it is heated and ventilated with thicker cushions and adjustable lumbar support. A new equalizer bar shoulder pad and upgraded K-bogies further increase driving comfort. Noise and vibrations are greatly reduced. A large multi-lingual high resolution LCD monitor gives quick access to the auto-idle shutdown the Operator Identification System the auto ripper return and the auto blade tilt functions. It can display the working area behind the machine and features an energy-saving guide and a new trouble-shooter to help minimize down time. The layout for the steering console and work equipment lever was renewed and the height of the steering console can be adjusted electronically. The Palm Command Control System (PCCS) is ergonomically designed to provide the operator with a relaxed posture and superb control. Gear shifting is simplified with push buttons. The electronically-controlled work equipment joystick allows to move both the blade and the ripper quicker and more accurately than ever before. The automatic climate control system 12V outlet power source and auxiliary input jack further contribute to create a first class working environment for the operator. Safety and maintenance The D475A-8's main frame enhances machine stiffness by 125% and increases its durability drastically. The new mono-blade linkage provides less blade sway movement and extends the maintenance intervals of blade joints. A swing fan gives easy cleaning access to the front-side of the radiator core. A caution indication reminds the operator to engage the seat belt and a new secondary engine shutdown switch is now located on the side of the machine. The “Operator sensing system” will engage the travel brake and lock the work equipment when no one is sitting in the operator seat. Heavy duty steps lead up to an upgraded rear platform with large hand rails for safe access to rear maintenance points: fuel and washer fluid levels check and refill cleaning of cab windows and air conditioner condenser cab lights replacement and other routine maintenance are all performed safely. The optional power ladder can provide easier and safer access and egress to and from the cabin. D475-8: New features and benefits Engine output increase in reverse reaching 777kW gross. EU Stage V compliant Improved monocoque cabin with Colour multi-function monitor Air suspended heated and ventilated seat with thick cushions and inflatable lumbar support fixed in a 12° angle. Increased leg room Suspended pedals Increased AC performance and air-tightness Improved view on the blade Electronic work equipment and ripper control eliminating in-cabin hydraulic lines Operator presence Sensing System connected to travel brake & work equipment lock Improved viscous dampers CDM-2 with longer stroke for more comfort Rubber shoulder pads on equalizer bar for a softer ride Bigger minor bogie stroke for a softer ride LED working lamps (6x) for better vision and a safer operation. KOMTRAX Step 5 & KOMTRAX Plus Fuel abnormality (theft) reports Machine status reports Machine condition and trends Komatsu CARE – Peace of Mind Cost Down and Profit Up 3 year 2000 hrs scheduled maintenance interventions 5 year 9000 hrs warranty on the KDPF (2x) Rear-view camera– improved view helps avoid incidents Platform – all around and safe access Mining Spec as standard Quick couplings for draining and filling oils and coolant Live oil sampling Canister type breathers Ladder (option) – hydraulic ladder for safe access interconnected with park brake A variety of ripper shanks and points is available at KEPO. Please consult with your GET specialist or ask your Product Manager

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28 يول 2020 - 28 يول 2020

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06 يول 2020 - 06 يول 2020

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01 يول 2020 - 04 يول 2020

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