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2322 hrs


Bornhöved, Germany


GOMACO GP4000 slipform paver (used machine)
4 Track 6,75m to 12,50m
Technical specifications:

 Production: 2008

 First working: 2009

 Hours: 2.322h

C – 13 11.95 Litre Caterpillar Diesel Engine – 455 hp (339.4 kW)
 Sound Proofed Engine Compartment
 840 l Fuel Reservoir
 Collant 56.8 l
 26.5 l Engine Oil Reservoir
 1.314 l Hydraulic Oil Reservoir

Hydraulic Pump System
 Two triple stage hydraulic pumps
 Two pressure-compensated lift circuit pumps

Two Heat Exchangers

Four Crawler Tracks – Series Seven
 3.05m long track frame includes track guards
 2.34m centre to centre of sprockets
 500mm wide track pads with street grousers
 104.1 gear reduction with two speed hydraulic motors
 Track safety travel stops

Polyurethane Track Pads
 Bolts to the track chain
 152 pads required

Quarter Point Mold Mounts

Heavy Duty Box Main Frame has 1.07m telescoping on left side

Machine Frame Extensions to Pave from 6.75m to 12.50m wide
 1x 1.22m frame extensions
 1x 2.44m frame extensions
 2x 610mm frame extensions
 1x 1.83m frame extensions
 2x 1.22m frame extensions equipped with additional 16 vibrator circuits incorporated in each frame. (Total vibrator circuits 48)

Four-point outrigger system with removable pylons
 For supporting and loading the prime mover

Network digital control system
Self-diagnostc with CAN-BUS network controller for front and rear grade, cross slope, front and rear steering.
Includes dual grade for sensoring stringline on both side of machine
 Features All Jog Switch to raise and lower all three legs simultaneously

5 Position Steer
 For forward and reserve steering
Crab steer
 To walk up to 30 degrees sideways to put machine onto string line
Co-ordinated steer
 For minimum turning radius
Front Steer
 For controlling the front tracks, rear tracks fixed
Rear Steer
 For controlling the rear tracks, front track fixed
Sensitivity Display
 Adjustable for optimum performance
Self – Diagnostic Read – Out Display
 Service checks can be carried out on the performance of the hydraulic and electronic controlling the grade and steer circuits from the control panel during operation.
Sensor safety
 When a grade sensor comes off stringline the machine holds position. Falt information is shown on display screen along with audible sound and flashing light.
3D Stringline less control capable
 Facility to interface with stringline-less control system for level and steering control

Automatic On-Off Control for vibrators and tamper bars
 Synchronized with machine movement

Forty-Eight (48) hydraulic vibrator circuits
 With individual variable controls

Thirty-Two (32) high frequency hydraulic vibrators
 8000 – 10.500 vpm
 60mm dia head
 15mm amplitude
 406mm radius of action
 0-1900 lb/f
 Vibrator centers are set between 305mm to 457mm

Modular electronic control panel

GOMACO operators’ canopy

Operator´s station
 Engineered for easy monitoring of all hydraulic controls and electronic sensoring functions
 Includes remote control for set-up
 Vandal proof covers for the console and lock

Telescoping aluminium work platform
 Mounted to the rear of the frame for access across the slap. Folds up for transport.

High pressure water system
 Includes two 567,8l tanks pressure unloader 0-2000 psi

5000 series open-front mold slipform mold to pave between 6,75m – 12,50m in 250mm increments
 Includes 406mm auger
 1x 1500mm left hand drive section
 Hydraulically powered split side plate
 Manually operated edge slump adjuster
 1x 1500mm right hand drive section
 Hydraulically powered split side plate
 Manually operated edge slump adjuster
 2x 980mm centre inserts with power transition adjuster (PTA)
 3x 250mm insert
 3x 500mm insert
 2x 1000mm insert
 2x 1500mm insert

Auger Strike-Off Assembly to fit 5000 Series Molds 416”/10,566m
- 1 x left-hand end section assembly.
- 1 x right-hand end section assembly
- 1 x 1.22 m transition adjuster center insert with hydraulic crown adjustment.
- 610mm wide inserts.
- 910mm wide inserts.
- 500mm wide inserts
- 1000mm wide inserts
- With 254 mm hydraulic height adjustment.
- Mounts to paver frame T-rail, independent of the paving mold.
- With 508 mm reversible split strike-off auger with center auger drives.

Hydraulic powered sectionalized tamper bar system

Hydraulic pressure compensated split sideplates
 Pressure compensated for slab depths from 0 to 483mm NOTE When the side plates are in the position, they retract 25mm above the roof of the mold, this enables the mold to be lowered between concrete slabs when infill bays are constructed.

Adjustable edge slump adjusters
 Manually operated
 Left and right sides

New style sensor arms
 Precision manufactured tubing custom made for the most accurate grade and steering adjustments

Auto-Float Attachment to span 12,50m wide slab
 Includes pin-connected main frame
 Auto-Float pan 219mm wide x 3658mm long
 Water spray system with sectional spray pipe and fog nozzles on 305mm centres
 End panel drive assembly
 Variable speeds of the float pan, transverse travel speed on the undercarriage and set the distance the carriage assembly can travel across the paving slab.

Dowel bar inserter

I.D.B.I. System for paving widths between 6,75m to 12.50m

Auxiliary Power Unit
 Cat Diesel engine 140hp
 Hydraulic pumps
 Vibrator controls
 Mounted to the frame of the machine

Dowel Bar Forks
 Support the sides and both ends of the bar during the insertion cycle
 Forks to insert up to up 48 dowels across the 12,50m paving width
 Computer controlled hydraulic vibrator system to work with bar forks
 One hydraulic vibrator for two pairs of Dowel Bar forks (2 Dowel Bars)
 Electronic controlled smart cylinders to control the IDBI cycle
 Bar forks are dedicated to match one bar specification

Dowel Bar Support Trays
 Touch screen controls with manual override
 For setting out the IDBI cycle to match the project specifications

Dowel Bar Cart
 Automated dowel bar loading cart
 Bars can be loaded into the cart from left- or right-hand side of the machine
 The dowel bar cart is dedicted to match one bar specification length, diameter and number of bars for the slap designe.

Centre Tie Bar Inserter
 Two rear mounted centre bars inserters, mounted behind the IDBI but in front of the second finishing pan
 800mm long x 20mm diameter

Finishing pan
 Rear finishing pan matches the width of the main form and includes the tamper bar and elliptical screed
 The finishing pan is 500mm front to back including a 200mm stainless section

Dowel bar lifting crane
 Crane for listing bundles of bars into holding bracket on machine
 Can be mounted on either side of the machine

Dowel bar position
 The centre of the dowel bars is indicated by a spot of paint sprayed on the subbase on either side of the slab

The machine is in a technically ready to use condition. All oils (hydraulic / engine oil), filter units to be renewed before delivery. Hydraulic hoses and all major crops are reviewed and renewed.

Transport dimensions (Minimum transport dimensions):

Width: 2,94 m (without chains, joints and arms)
Length: 9,73m (without chains, joints and arms)
Height: 2.54m (without chains, joints and arms)
Weight: 44.000kg (without chains, joints and arms)
Equipment: 40,000 kg (chains, arms, joints and additional manufacturing rails)

Note: transport and operating weights are variable, depending on the machine options.


paving width: 6.75 m - 12,50m

Option: TC600 (used)

Year of building: 2008

First use: 2009

working hours: 1.580h

32ft T/C-600 Texturing/Curing Machine
* two 8 ft. and four 4 ft. frame sections
Cummins Diesel Engine - 70 hp
Fuel Reservoir 33 gal. (124.9 liter)
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir 57 gal. (215.8 liter)
Automated Grade and Steering Control System
* electronic/hydraulic forward and reverse steering control system
* four remote grade sensors
* control panel with monitor gauges
* hydraulic elevation jacks
Two Crawler Tracks Series 1 w/Poly Pads
* 12ft. long
* 12 in. wide pads with street grousers
* hydraulically driven
Pin-Connected Main Frame
Transverse Wire Tine Texturing Assembly
* 10 ft. (3.05 m) wide with 5 in. (127 mm) long wire tines
* texturing members are built to specifications
Curing System
* includes hydraulic motor, pump and controls
* flow and mechanical agitator
* 250 gal. (946.4 liter) reservoir, spray bar, windshield and work platform

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