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XCMG Retread Machine 150kN XR150DIII Rotary Drilling Rig For Sale
Weight: 49000.000kg
Output torque: 150kN·m
Rated power: 133/2200kW
Rotating speed: 6~28r/min
Maximum driving speed: 3.2km/h
Description Unit Parameter value
Max. drilling diameter mm 1500
Max. drilling depth m 56
Allowable luffing scope (from center of drill rod to slewing center) mm 3250~3650
Drilling rig dimension in working condition (L × W × H) mm 7550×4200×19040
Drilling rig dimension in transport condition (L × W × H) mm 13150×2960×3140
Weight of overall unit (standard configuration, excluding drilling tool) t 49
Engine Model QSB7
Rated power/speed kW 150/(2050r/min)
Max. working pressure of hydraulic system MPa 35
Rotary drive Max. torque kN •m 150
Rotational speed r/min 7~33
Crowd cylinder Max. Pushing force kN 120
Max. Pulling force kN 160
Max.stroke mm 3500
Main winch Max.pulling force kN 160
Max. single-rope speed m/min 72
Diameter of the steel wire rope mm 26
Auxiliary winch Max.pulling force kN 50
Max. single-rope speed m/min 60
Diameter of the steel wire rope mm 16
Rotary table slewing angle ° 360
Traveling Max. traveling speed of the overall unit km/h 2.1
Max. climbable gradient of the overall unit % 40
Crawler Width of crawler plate mm 700
External width of crawler (min.-max.) mm 2960~4200
Center distance between two longitudinal wheels of crawler mm 4310
Average ground pressure kPa 83

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