2019 SYNBON SYM4000

198,325 54,000 46,176 41,940

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China - Posted on 17/04/2019

198,325 54,000 46,176 41,940


Model SYM4000

Year 2019

Inventory number 20673

Serial Number

Posted Time 17/04/2019

Country China

Location Shandong


SYM4000 concrete automatic feeding mixer is our self-developed product
It is equipped with hydraulic electronic scale
It can accurately measure the stone and sand when loading, and automatically quantify the water, making the concrete ratio more standard
Transportation and mixing are integrated, and automatic feeding, metering, stirring and unloading can be carried out without additional power supply.
The product has a capacity of 4m3 and can be stirred with 16 m³ of concrete per hour to achieve a daily productivity of 120-130 m³ concrete
Four-wheel steering axle, with a minimum turning radius of 4 meters, electronic shifting, 290° rotation of the tank, electronic weighing, automatic grease filling for the whole car, driving speed of 30km/h, reasonable design, compact structure and flexible operation
Easy to maintain
The best price and productivity are the unique features of the SYM4000
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