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Auctions Huber is one of the leading auction houses in Germany in the field of industrial utilization. Based on in-depth industry knowledge in all areas of the machinery industry and the already large number of operations carried out, auctions Huber is one of the largest service providers in this industry. This begins with the continuation of a business up to the complete utilization by an auction.

Bankruptcy trustees, lawyers and financial institutions commission auctions Huber with the recovery of various companies of all sizes. For large leasing banks, valuations, appraisals of leasing objects have been carried out for many years.

But also company owners themselves who want to change or want to sell their company or are close to bankruptcy, concepts can be offered.

Here, not only on behalf of trade, but special solutions, such as complete takeovers, partial area resolutions and rehabilitation concepts are offered. Analyzes for the continuation are carried out and the receipt of jobs, under appropriate conditions, is regarded as an important aspect. The complete purchase of the entire company, including the associated real estate, are not uncommon. Especially these global solutions are becoming increasingly popular with creditors.

What is needed is the "know-how" about any kind of machines and mechanical systems and a high degree of fast decision-making power. Of course, this also includes an experienced team, both in the commercial and in the technical field, which is familiar in many industries. This is the only way to ensure that a company is evaluated and marketed within a very short time.

Storage is also feasible. Auctions Huber has about 40,000 m² of open space and about 10,000 m² of hall space in Southern Germany.

Constantly a wide range of used machines is offered. For this, request the corresponding stock lists or comment on the search for specific machines.

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