Motor Graders
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Motor Graders
for Sale

Motor Graders

Motor grader or Road grader is a self-propelled construction machine with adjustable blades. The machine is identified as one of the easy-to-use equipment with distinctive features. Motor Grader is comprehensively classified into two categories, depending on their arrangements and features; Rigid Frame Motor Grader and Articulated Motor Grader. Of the two, the latter is most commonly used by the engineers these days. 

Typically, a motor grade is equipped with three-axle. However, a rigid motor grader has one axle, mounted beneath the frame that allows multiple precision. Usually, the blade width ranges from 8 to 24 ft, depending on the engineer’s requirement. 

Motor Graders are scarifying machine that is used to give a “finish grade” to any surface. The smoothness is achieved by tilting the axle to adjust the level and attain the precision. Most commonly, Motor Graders are used for road construction, maintenance of dirt roads, and gravel roads. 

Why Motor Graders

  • Motor Graders are popularly used to remove debris, snow, and native soil foundations to create a finishing pad for building construction.
  • They are used for leveling soil, fine grade and make smooth surface by shifting dirt.
  • The most important purpose of using modern age graders is in the construction of roads and pavements. Graders prepare the topmost level by laying the asphalt. 
  • Helps in scarifying. It is the method of complete removal of soil from one layer and shifting it to create a new layer at different location.
  • Land grading, Trenching, Ditching

Motor Graders with a range of 80-150 horsepower usually works well for most of the works. However, there are heavy graders also available that may range up to 500 horsepower.

Motor Grader Manufactures

There is a wide variety of motor graders available in the market launched by various manufacturers. Some of the top-notch manufacturers in this field are Caterpillar, Komatsu, XCMG, SANY, Shantui, John Deere, Mitsubishi, PowerPlus, LiuGong, Volvo. The manufactures offer customization of machines to suit every requirement.