Challenge Antarctica | What XCMG Crane “Ultimate Abilities” Help A Scientific Research Station Stand In Antarctic Blizzard?

Posted on 24 Apr. 2018

One hundred years ago, no one could really reach the South Pole, which was only a dream place for human beings with a great adventurous spirit and desire. Today, 4 sets of XCMG cranes stand in Antarctic glaciers with great arms.


Antarctica, with an extreme environment which cannot be fully expressed by “severely cold”, “high altitude”, and “desolate and uninhabited”, is the most mysterious glacier on the earth. What “ultimate abilities” of XCMG cranes from China help a scientific research station stand in Antarctic blizzard?


As the first foreign Antarctic scientific research station constructed by Chinese enterprises, Brazilian Ferrez Station will become a highlight for cooperation between China and Brazil - two BRIC countries. Ferrez Station uses the total-prefabricated construction mode with prefabricated container function modules in the external part and insulation boards in the internal. All modules are transported to the Antarctica and assembled.


All processes, including building materials, equipment, personnel, and construction, of Ferrez Station are responsible by Chinese enterprises. Total-prefabricated construction has high requirements on civil engineering and equipment installation at the construction site.

Harsh environment and 4-month construction period in Antarctica raise strict requirements on crane equipment selection. In recent years, with the development of XCMG in Brazil, localized XCMG cranes win full recognition in the Brazil market with its excellent stability and cold resistance. 4 sets of cranes used in construction of Ferrez Station are all from XCMG.

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