Geofencing Improves Fleet Management in the GCC

Posted on 03 Jul. 2018

Virtual perimeter and tracking software set to increase vehicle monitoring and quality control.

In-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS) and Telematics are known for their ability to track and trace vehicles with Global Positioning System (GPS) location, but Fleet Management Systems & Technologies (FMS Tech) is taking security a step further by introducing the Geofencing software.


Already being used in many parts of the world, FMS Tech has introduced this next-generation programme in the GCC to improve the nature of quality control and company policy adherence. Geofencing is one of the most powerful features that FMS Tech offers as it gives the administrator control of establishing a virtual boundary around a specified location and sends alerts when a specific vehicle enters or exits the area. 


Designed for maximum transparency on the whereabouts of your fleet, this feature allows an administrator to control the movements and locations of the company’s vehicles at all times - notifications are sent to the administrators device incase of any disruptions. Using the GPS and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, geofencing triggers an alert in real time, whenever a parameter is violated and it gives the administrator the ability to remotely disable the vehicle if it enters a restricted area.


Here is an example of how Geofencing is used:

● The manager sets geofencing parameters for some or all of the vehicles through the software

● A driver leaves in a vehicle that is not authorized to leave that specified parameter

● An alert is sent to the fleet manager via SMS and Email (or their preferred method)

● The fleet manager can see the information about the driver and the vehicle and call the driver

● The driver and fleet manager can then address the situation and reach a consensus on how to move forward

The fundamentals of the IVMS software and hardware is similar to the black box of an airplane, but it also offers much more including fleet information ranging from vehicle routes and driver performance to policy violations and perimeter breaches.


FMS Tech clients and business partners can activate this software easily by contacting the company’s representative to guide the process, or by using the FMS Office 2000 portal and setting the parameters and details themselves.


FMS Tech is the first to launch the use of this software in the region. With geofencing; fleet management, surveillance, and employee accountability just got a whole lot better.

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