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Ajax Fiori: Advantages Of Argo Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer

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By: P&E Staff
Post Date: July 09, 2018

Ajax Fiori (India) Pvt Limited is one of world's leading Concreting machinery manufacturers. By the number of units produced in 2017-18, we are the number 1 producer of Self Loading Concrete Mixers (SLCM) in the world. Incorporated as a collaborative venture between Ajax Engineering, India & Fiori S.p.A Italy, we have over 25 years of strong experience in manufacturing, distributing & supporting Ajax Fiori branded Concreting equipment solutions.

Ajax Fiori has partnered with Concreting machinery manufacturers across the world, to infuse contemporary, affordable and technologically smart solutions. Our partners include Eurostar Concrete Technology S.p.A Italy for Mixing technology and Junjin Heavy Industry, Korea for Concrete placement solutions.

Today, Ajax Fiori has over 12000 plants & machines working in different parts of the world while supporting customers and sites through our network of Offices, Parts warehouses & Distributorships. Ajax Fiori manufactures, delivers and supports a whole range of Ajax Fiori concreting machinery including Self-Loading Concrete Mixers, Concrete Batching Plants, Concrete Pumps and Transit mixers, which are a familiar sight at various infrastructure development projects, including Irrigation, Roads & Bridges, Railways, Housing & Urban Development, Power & Industrial projects.

Ajax Fiori, headquartered at Bangalore has 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities near Bangalore. Ajax Fiori promises to deliver concreting solutions wherever the need is, whenever the need arises and whatever the nature of need is.

Concept of SLCM:

A machine that can Self Load aggregates, Weigh Batch, Mix, Transport & Place concrete within site as the mix design of Concrete requirement.   

 Self-Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer is utilized as a merger of Loader, Mobile Batching Plant and Transit Mixer for small to medium volume concrete requirements. These machines are equipped with a Concrete Batch Controller to obtain the required quality of concrete by allowing the Operator to calibrate the quantity of aggregates into the mixer as per mix design. These all-wheel drive machines are also available with crab steering hence are highly maneuverable. These machines can be deployed in any kind of terrain. The SLCMs are available in 4 models viz. Argo1000 with 1 cu.m drum having an output capacity up to 3 cu.m/hr., Argo 2000 with 2 cu.m drum having an output capacity up to 8 cu.m/hr., Argo 2500 with 2.5 cu.m drum having an output capacity up to 10 cu.m/hr. and Argo 4000 with 4 cu.m drum with a output capacity up to 12 cu.m/hr.. They are also available in variants as tunnel dumpers and transit mixers.

Advantages of Argo SLCM:

  • Fresh Concrete available at site
  • Quality of Concrete guaranteed due to reliable weigh batching system
  • Eliminates labour up to 70-80% compared to Manual Mixer
  • Easily maneuverable within sites
  • Wheel Drive ensures machine can work at tough site conditions
  • Reduces Operating Cost as replacement of loaders 

Today these machines find extensive use in various Infrastructure projects. Due to its mobility these machines are widely used in various applications such as Canal Lining, Aqueducts, Rural Roads, ROB’s, RUB’s Flyovers, Railways, Bridges, Power Transmission Lines, Solar Projects etc.

Ajax Fiori is proud to be a part of World’s largest Solar Project construction in Tamil Nadu (India) wherein more than 100 Argo SLCM where deployed for concreting the pedestals.

By our own estimates, these machines account for around 5% of the total annual cement consumption in India. Ajax Fiori machines are today not only working across India, but also in countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Egypt.

For Distributor enquiries, please write to [email protected]

By: P&E Staff
Post Date: July 09, 2018
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