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SAE-SMB Designed for Heavy Duty and Special Application

By: P&E Staff
Post Date: June 12, 2019

In 70 years of activity, SAE-SMB, one of the companies of ADR Group since 2013, has acquired an important know-how in the manufacturing of axles and suspensions for trailers and semi-trailers, becoming one of the leaders in the French and international market.

SAE-SMB proposes itself to the vehicle manufacturer as a reliable and professional partner. One of the main objectives of the company is to create a relationship of collaboration between supplier and user which translates into an advantage for both.

Mutual trust and the opportunity to grow together are the maximum source of motivation to find innovative solutions and improve, day after day, the quality of our product and service. A single supplier for axles and suspensions is an opportunity much appreciated by trailer manufacturers, who can then concentrate on vehicle functionality.

The development of products that stand out not only for high performance, but also for reliability and ease of maintenance is one of the priorities of SAE-SMB.

Today SAE SMB has a wide range of products in which the drum brakes occupy a large position and are able to meet the efficiency and safety requirements of the market. The drum brakes from 5’’ to 22’’, ensure a prompt and safe braking, combined with maximum efficiency and reliability. The SAE technicians have chosen the construction solution called “outboard”, which facilitates and speeds up the operation of replacing the brake shoes, which can be carried out by removing the single drum, without the need to remove the wheel hub.

The series of axles with disc brake is equally vast and diversified. It is able to meet the efficiency and safety requirements imposed by increasingly competitive road transport, in which the “brake by wire” is taking on an increasingly important role.

All SAE-SMB axles are ECE-R13 approved, so their technical and performance characteristics are recognized throughout Europe and in most industrialized countries worldwide.

The trailer manufacturer will find a component with certified performance in the SAE axis and can base the realization of his project on these. The competence and professionalism of the SAE-SMB technical staff and the cutting-edge technology of its production units ensure constant support for all the needs related to the development of a vehicle.

For disc brakes axles load capacity ranges from 6 to over 13 tons per axle, with wide availability of wheel combinations. To complete the technical support for the manufacturers, SAE-SMB offers them a wide and versatile range of mechanical and pneumatic suspensions, simple, functional and adaptable, but above all very reliable and easy to maintain.

The Italian testing center of the ADR group, of which SAE-SMB is part, is the place where the best ideas are formulated. Its state-of-the-art equipment and its highly specialized team make it possible to analyze each product in all its most significant aspects. The laboratory has machines for the simulation of the most extreme stresses of fatigue, of dynamometric counters for the relief performance of the brakes in compliance with international regulations. It is also a support laboratory for international certification bodies.

However, experimentation in the laboratory is only the first step towards the validation of a new product. The final verdict comes from the road, where the laboratory vehicles, made available by the builders and equipped by SAE-SMB are the mirror of everyday life.

The continuous improvement of the products has drastically reduced the maintenance interventions.

Machine downtimes are increasingly spaced over time and shorter stops because the costs of handling road transport are getting higher and higher.

With this in mind, SAE-SMB customer service has developed an agile and efficient intervention program based on simple and error-proof SAE SMB original parts management.

SAE SMB spare parts are therefore organized into families and the extensive distribution network of SAE SMB products ensures fast delivery all over the world.

Because SAE-SMB is thinking of the future, we have recently opened an office in the UAE. SAE-SMB Middle East FZE, located in Dubai silicon Oasis, offers a personalized customer and support service to GCC countries, with a focus on the price/quality/delivery/service ratio to have the better competitiveness.

Experience, flexibility, adaptability and client feedback allow the company to fulfill most of the requirements imposed by the different market with always promoting and be proud of the “Made in France”.

By: P&E Staff
Post Date: June 12, 2019

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