Liebherr Compressor Successfully Tested on-board a Chinese Medium-Duty Truck

Posted on 08 Aug. 2019

Municipal sanitation medium-duty truck by SAIC YUEJIN - © SHPT

China-based fuel cell system integrator SHPT announced the first successful test off the assembly line of the FKY311/FKY312 municipal sanitation medium-duty trucks from SAIC YUEJIN (SAIC MAXUS Branch), featuring the new generation of proton exchange membrane fuel cell P390 . The very compact, high-speed and highly reliable electrical compressor developed and made by Liebherr is a key element of the fuel cell system and was part of this successful trial.

The medium-duty trucks can cover a range of more than 400 km and can be cold-started at low temperatures such as - 30 °C.

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