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Komatsu’s Integrity Promise

Post Date: January 16, 2020

Komatsu Middle East FZE has served the regional countries’ growth and development over the last five decades. Its brand promise continues to sustain for its many customers and partners. Plant & Equipment was invited to attend Komatsu’s recently held launch of their new earth-moving machines.

Live excavator demonstration of the PC210-10M0 and PC500LC-10R.

Komatsu Middle East FZE launched two new hydraulic excavators recently in an informative and entertaining evening held at their new - opened in March 2019 - training and demonstration centre in Jebel Ali Freezone, Dubai. Komatsu Middle East’s new location is a state-of-the-art facility built over a total land area of 9,730 square metres. The centre offers a variety of training programs - for sales, parts, service and machines operations - which are required by Komatsu’s regional construction and mining equipment distributors.

The launch event had guests and partners attending from Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt and the UAE. The Komatsu team welcomed everyone in their reception area, before the evening’s proceedings began in their stadium-style-seating viewing room which faced their demonstration yard. After a brief introduction on safety, Komatsu Middle East FZE’s Managing Director, Yoshihisa Hayashi, introduced the audience to the stars of the evening - the PC210-10M0 and the PC500LC-10R hydraulic excavators.

Komatsu’s Training and Demonstration Centre, JAFZA.

Komatsu Ltd will be celebrating 100 years in 2021 and have been in the Middle East for the last 55 years. From the start, their promise to their customers has been of sustained quality, longevity of their products and profitability for their clients. And over the years, the above promise has only improved with technological advancements, a stronger after sales support system and specialised training facilities.

These technological advancements are prominently evident on the new machines. Their new features and projected savings as a result of these developments are proof of the Komatsu promise. Here’s a more detailed look at the new models.


With the size of the bucket ranging from 0.80 to 1.20 square metres, this excavator has its stability greatly improved due to a higher weight of the counterweight as well as an extension of the rear end radius compared with the earlier model the PC200-8M0. An improvement has also been made to the design of the side edge resulting in better penetration force. All of these factors contribute to better productivity, a reduction in fuel consumption as well as an overall reduction in wear and tear of the machine

Fuel consumption has been projected to reduce by an impressive 20 per cent on use as compared to the earlier model - the PC200-8M0. Engine management is enhanced through the variable speed matching of the engine, hydraulic pump and a viscous fan clutch guaranteeing efficiency and precision. By optimising the fuel injection control, the engine combustion capacity is improved. This technology helps achieve both a higher power output and low fuel use.

Ashraf Hashish, Senior General Manager - Marketing at Komatsu Middle East presenting the Komatsu PC210-10M0


Much like the PC210-10M0, this model also has a larger bucket capacity - ranging from 2.50 to 3.10 square metres. Here too the shape of the side edge has been similarly optimised to increase penetration force. This powerful earth-moving machine is highly suited for severe working conditions and not only construction sites.

Harsh working conditions call for a more sturdy and reliable work horse, which this machine is. Its main large displacement hydraulic pumps provide high flow output at low engine RPM. Furthermore, by building in optimum coordination of the engine and pumps ensures high operability and workability.

Guests touring the facility.

In terms of fuel saving, projected percentages for this model are 11 percent. The PC500LC-10R comes with a fuel pre-filter (with water separator) which removes water and contaminants from the fuel to enhance its reliability. The internal shape of the control valves, piping diameter and fitting shape have been thoroughly revised, reducing hydraulic loss and contributing to low fuel consumption.

Maintenance is a big factor in overall operational cost, hence centralised filters make for easy access as all filter cartridges are located at the machine’s pump room reducing the time of periodical care.

Post Date: January 16, 2020
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