Nissan Navara wins 2019 Taklimakan Rally

Posted on 08 Aug. 2019

Navara wins in two classes and clinches five of the nine “Golden Helmet” prizes

The Zhengzhou Nissan Navara team successfully defended its championship at the 2019 Taklimakan International Rally, which ended on June 2 in Hotan, Xinjiang Autonomous Region in China. 

As one of the most important and extreme motorsports events in China, the race is about 5,000 kilometers with nine stages in canyons, the Gobi desert and snow-covered mountains.

Facing tough competition and harsh conditions, only 73 out of 101 vehicles finished. Nissan Navara’s power, reliable performance and durable chassis played a crucial role in the model’s success, with eight professional drivers from Zhengzhou Nissan playing a crucial role in winning.

“This is the second year in a row the Nissan Navara has won in the Taklimakan Rally,” said Hui Cheng, head of marketing of Zhengzhou Nissan. “I believe that this is just a beginning of the Navara’s success in China. Nissan Navara has been proving its performance on the toughest testing grounds in the world, and this demonstrated Nissan and Zhengzhou Nissan’s rich experience in the manufacturing of high-end pickups and trucks.”

Nissan Navara is a key model in Zhengzhou Nissan’s LCV product lineup and an important strategic model for the Chinese market. Around 18,000 Navara pickups were sold in 2018, with more than 30,000 Navaras sold since launching in China in 2017.

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