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Renault Trucks C and K Ranges: Outstandingly Rugged

By: P&E Staff
Post Date: October 07, 2018

Renault Trucks C and K range vehicles have been developed to provide an efficient response to customer requirements, whether on roads or construction sites (C range) or in severe conditions (K range).

The Renault Trucks C and K ranges are dedicated to customers working in the construction, long-distance and heavy construction businesses. They have been designed and developed in close association with international customers, who have been involved in the project from the design stage right through to testing under actual operating conditions. 

The Renault Trucks K range in particular has been tested under especially grueling conditions such as log transport in Cameroon, carrying 120 t loads in Oman and also mine-working in Turkey. The reliability and endurance tests carried out on these new vehicles have been the most stringently exacting the manufacturer has ever used in its entire history.

The Renault Trucks C range is perfectly suited to construction, site supply and long-distance applications. It features a high payload, low fuel consumption and comfort on a par with that of a road vehicle. Its excellent pulling power, manoeuvrability and obstacle clearance capacity made it an excellent choice not only for professionals delivering materials in urban settings, but for those working in specialised fields such as earthmoving, concrete transport, snow clearing and fertiliser transport.

The Renault Trucks K range sets new standards in terms of ruggedness. The design is impressive, featuring an all-steel bumper, excellent ground clearance and the best approach angle on the market. The variety of chassis reinforcements of the K range allows it to adapt to even the toughest conditions.

These are trucks that have been designed to perform their tasks efficiently, generate profit, not let customers down, protect business and make their drivers proud.

A Truck Should Never Let a Customer Down 

The Renault Trucks C and K range vehicles are reliable, rugged and always able to perform their tasks irrespective of the terrain. The C range features outstanding pulling power enabling it to operate over all types of terrain, thanks to its generous ground clearance and the off-road mode which comes as standard on the automated transmission. As for the K range vehicles, their high ground clearance and excellent approach angle allow them to clear significant obstacles and deliver outstanding pulling power, over any terrain. Their high precision steering and tight turning radius make them extremely maneuverable. 

This rugged build also characterizes the vehicle’s exterior: the K range features an all-steel, three-part bumper, fitted to a 32-t capacity front towing bar, protective grids for the headlights and optics in polycarbonate for the greatest impact resistance, as well as steel protection for all exposed parts. Vehicles in the C range are fitted with steel corners and protective grids for the headlights. Capable of taking the heaviest punishment and with a higher approach angle, the C 2.5 m cab off-road can be fitted with all-steel bumpers from the K range.

A Truck Should Protect Customers’ Business

The C and K ranges have dynamic and accurate roadholding both on-road and off-road. Renault Trucks has also designed heated and adjustable rearview mirrors in two blocks that guarantee optimal visibility in all weathers. In addition, the vehicles are equipped with cornering lights that provide maximum safety when maneuvering, whatever the conditions.

Furthermore, the Renault Trucks C and K ranges are equipped with systems as an option to safeguard drivers and their loads such as, for example, the automatically applied electric parking brake when the engine stops, the Hill Start Aid system and the anti-intrusion alarm.


The Renault Trucks C and K ranges have been designed to meet the needs of customers operating on roads, urban environments, construction sites or supplying construction sites. In addition, earthmoving and demolition, the transport and delivery of building materials or ready-mix concrete are all activities for which the manufacturer can supply appropriate vehicles. 

The performance of the C range in terms of payload, fuel consumption, driving comfort and reliability is perfectly in line with the needs of operators whose business involves delivering building materials and carrying ready-mix concrete. Furthermore, its capacities in terms of engine rating, pulling power and ground clearance make it highly efficient in meeting the demands of most earthmoving operators. The K range is specifically designed for heavy earthmoving operations, demolition, construction equipment transport and road building that call for heavy load capacity, ruggedness, obstacle clearance and power.

By: P&E Staff
Post Date: October 07, 2018

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