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Upcoming Mega Projects - Africa

By: P&E Staff
Post Date: August 06, 2018

Location: Egypt
Project: Rail Links between Mediterranean and Red Sea Ports
Value: USD 3,100,000,000
Client: Ministry Of Transport (MOT)

Egyptian officials plan to construct a railroad line connecting the Red Sea with the Mediterranean via a land bridge.

The project aims to speed up the movement of people and goods between the two seas to create greater links between upper and lower Egypt, as well as build rail links between Egypt and Jordan.

The first phase of the line is to connect the Port of Alexandria in northern Egypt with the Port of Damietta, more than 200km to the east. The second phase would stretch more than 500km from the Port of Damietta to the Port of Nuweiba, a coastal town in the eastern part of the Sinai Peninsula.

Location: Nigeria
Project: AKK Natural Gas Pipeline Project
Value: USD 2,800,000,000
Client: Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

The Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano (AKK) pipeline is a 614km-long natural gas pipeline currently being developed by the NNPC. It is set to be laid between Ajaokuta and Kano in Nigeria and forms phase one of the Trans-Nigeria Gas Pipeline (TNGP) project. The project will result in the establishment of a connecting pipeline network between the eastern, western and northern regions of Nigeria.

Location: Kenya
Project: Arror Dam - Hydro-electric and Irrigation Project
Value: USD 380,832,040
Client: Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA)

Down payment of 41 million Euros has been made for the design of Arror dam. The actual construction work is expected to begin in the next six to eight months after the detailed design plan is carried out.

Engineers are carrying out mapping and evaluation, which will facilitate piping for the hydroelectricity and irrigation project. The designers and planners are already on the ground and the construction is expected to take a shorter time than anticipated. The Dam is to be constructed in river Arror in Marakwet West.

Location: Nigeria
Project: Lekki Deep Sea Port
Value: USD 1,500,000,000
Client: Lekki Port Lftz Enterprise (LPLE)

Lekki deepsea port is being built over 90ha of land at the centre of the Lagos Free Trade Zone, approximately 60km east of Lagos. It is the first deepsea port to be built in Nigeria.

The multi-purpose Lekki port will have container, liquid and dry bulk terminals to serve container vessels of up to 8,000TEUs (20ft equivalent units), dry bulk vessels, and liquid bulk cargo vessels.

When operational, the Lekki deepsea port will become one of the most modern ports in West Africa and support the growth of commercial operations in the region.

Location: Kenya, Tanzania
Project: Malindi and Bagamoyo Highway
Value: USD 750,000,000
Client: African Development Bank (AFDB)

The two neighbor countries are planning to construct a 412 km road that will connect Malindi and Bagamoyo in a move meant to ease movement of people and goods between the two countries’ coastlines.

The Malindi-Bagamoyo highway begins in Malindi and moves through Mombasa, Lunga Lunga on the Kenyan side before crossing into Tanga, Tanzania, through Pangani and Saadani to Bagamoyo.

Location: Egypt
Project: New Propylene, Polypropylene Factories at Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Complex
Value: USD 1,200,000,000
Client: Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Company (SIDPEC)

The new propylene and polypropylene factories owned by SIDPEC will start production by 2022. They will produce 500,000 tons of propylene and 450,000 tons of polypropylene annually when fully operational. Around $1.2 billion has been invested in the construction of the factories.

The Egyptian Natural Gas Company will provide the new factories with the feeding fuel while the Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company will provide them with the electricity.

By: P&E Staff
Post Date: August 06, 2018

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