The Online Heavy Equipment Reference Guide

Posted on 09 Oct. 2018

Serial Box is your go-to Heavy Equipment Serial Number guide. At Serial Box, we believe the first step in buying heavy equipment related to the construction industry, such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere and Bobcat is validating the machine’s serial number. The team at Serial Box has worked over the course of the last year to compile and validate one of the largest collections of serial numbers in the world.

The concept for Serial Box began many years ago while trying to solve the problem of carrying around reference and serial number books when inspecting equipment. We began to wonder, “Why isn’t this data online?” Thus, Serial Box became the solution. 

The website acts as a deciphering platform formed on the backbone of serial numbers of heavy equipment manufactures. Furthermore, the website serves as an online guide for individuals interested in purchasing heavy equipment. It attends buyers and sellers by providing a comprehensive serial number lookup for machines manufactured from all over the world and associates those codes with equipment being sold globally. This information allows for perspective buyers to have a clear picture of the value of the equipment before it has been purchased.

Serial Box provides a serial number database from over 500 manufacturers that cover at least 75 different equipment categories! These equipment categories are catered for the construction, paving, aggregate, and agriculture industries. Thus, over 10,000 equipment models in Serial Box are displaying the equipment specs, equipment origin, and the Year of Manufactured. 

Innovation is key to the Serial Box ethos. We believe that we must continually innovate and create new and better products for our customers. In this regard, the Serial Box team plans to roll out many new features and products over the course of the next year. We are always working to generate new ideas in order to constantly improve Serial Box so that it continues to be the most efficient and useful tool for hardworking industry professionals.

The Serial Box team has continually worked on collecting further relevant data to create an online serial number guide for heavy equipment. We also added auction results and a method to add photos and inspection reports while you are in the field. All this compiled information has resulted in a comprehensive reference guide and useful tool for any individual interested in purchasing a piece of equipment.

Access online at to search over hundreds of leading manufacturers.

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