Upcoming Mega Projects - Africa

Posted on 08 Aug. 2019


Project: Tanger Tech Mohammed Vi 
Value: USD 10,000,000,000
Client: BMCE Bank
Website: www.bmcebank.ma

Morocco hopes to attract investments worth $10 billion and create 100,000 jobs at a high-tech city near the northern city of Tangier. Morocco-based BMCE Bank signed a memorandum of understanding with state-owned China Communications Construction Co (CCCC) and its subsidiary, China Road and Bridge Corp (CRBC), to develop the city known as Tanger Tech Mohammed VI.

The city will be built in three phases. The first phase would cover up to 700 hectares (1,730 acres) out of 2,000 hectares (4,940 acres) in total. Work has already begun to connect the city to road, rail and electricity infrastructure, allowing the future tech city to benefit from the Tanger Med port.


Project: Trade Fair Centre in Accra Reconstruction
Value: USD 2,000,000,000
Client: Ghana Trade Fair Centre
Website: www.tradefairgh.com

The Ghana Trade Fair Centre in Accra will be reconstructed with estimated funds of $2 billion dollars to be solicited from private investors and it would become the first multipurpose trade fair centre on the African continent. The centre which is expected to be completed in five years would include aviation and petroleum hub, two five-star hotels, residential and recreational facilities, convention and exhibition centres. Other facilities include shopping malls, offices, leisure centres to enable the facility to become the preferred international trade fair centre in the sub-region and promote trade between Ghana and her global trading partners. 

The redevelopment of the centre was part of government’s industrialization plans to enhance trade and investments within the continent. An estimated 10,000 jobs including 3,000 direct and 7,000 indirect will be created through the value chain project, planning, construction and post-construction management. The Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited has also made sure that the design incorporates the concept that would drive tourism through the various parks, as well as the retail outlets which will serve the entire sub-region. The project has the potential to increase trade investments, revenues and as well as expand the economy.


Project: Freetown-Lungi Bridge
Value: USD 2,000,000,000
Client: Ministry of Transport and Aviation
Website: www.mta.gov.sl

The project aims at making the airport more accessible. Freetown International Airport at Lungi is currently accessible only by boat or helicopter, separated from the capital by the nearly five km wide mouth of the Rokel river.

Upon completion the bridge may be ranked to be the largest infrastructure project in the west African country. The 7 km - long bridge is intended to end the logistical nightmare facing travelers arriving at Lungi, formerly a British air base located.

The project would take between four and five years to complete. The idea of the bridge was settled on, but the government has been deterred from starting because of its capital cost, which is equal to about half of its GDP. It will be feasible using the public-private model.


Project: Kano Economic City Development
Value: USD 461,000,000
Client: Kano State Government
Website: www.kanostate.gov.ng

The Economic City of Kano has been designed to have 10,000 shops in phase one, 38 world class warehouses, 280 trailer park spaces, and an Inland Container Land (ICL) with over 200 trucks parking spaces. The development will also be housed to 43 Grain Silos in place, 4 filling stations out of which 2 will be mega stations and the remaining will be normal stations. Project will include spaces for large scale industries for processing leather, meat, and identified commodities in a modern way. Pharmaceutical areas also are provided within the marketplace for drug marketers, whereas hospitals also are a part of the structures being erected within the marketplace for quick access to the health care delivery system.


Project: Car Assembly Plant
Value: USD 263,000,000
Client: Kiira Motors Corporation
Website: www.kiiramotors.com

The car assembly plant is expected to enter into production by 2021. It is anticipated it will produce 5,000 cars a year in Phase I and this capacity will be extended to 150,000 cars (buses, trucks, pick-ups and sports utility vehicles) when the project is fully completed. 

Phase I required an investment of $40 million. The new plant is to meet growing demand for cars in the East African market. The current market is mainly supplied with used cars. The combined market for passenger and commercial vehicles in the Eastern African Community States (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi) could double in the next 13 years to almost 630,000 a year.


Project: Paris Mall in New Administrative Capital
Value: USD 120,000,000
Client: Pyramids Developments
Website: www.pyramidsdevelopments.com

Pyramids Developments has begun implementing the construction works in its commercial mall, Paris, in the New Administrative Capital (NAC). The new mall will be built on an area of over 23 sqkm. The upcoming mall comprises of commercial, administrative, and clinic units with 0% down-payment and instalments over 15 years. Pyramids Developments  specialize in the establishment and management of commercial malls and residential compounds in the NAC.


Project: Five-Star Hotel Construction
Value: USD 150,000,000
Client: Ethiopian Airline
Website: www.ethiopianairlines.com

Ethiopian Airline has announced plans to construct its second five-star hotel in Addis Ababa at an investment cost of US $150 million. The hotel is being built adjacent to the the first hotel on a 22,000sqm of land. The future hotel will feature 637 guest rooms, restaurants, bars, conference hall, swimming pool, fitness center and a basement parking which can accommodate 550 cars. Chinese construction firm, AVIC has conducted the design work and will also undertake the construction of the second hotel.


Project: 50-megawatt Solar Photovoltaic Power Park
Value: USD 63,500,000
Client: Terasun Energy
Website: www.terasolar.com.cn

TeraSun, a subsidiary of Natura Energy, will construct the project under the modified single buyer (MSB) model introduced by the Electricity Control Board (ECB), and approved by Cabinet in April. The main change to the current single buyer model is that the MSB will allow transmission electricity consumers and independent power producers (IPPs) to transact with each other directly for the supply of electricity. Transmission customers will now also be able to buy a portion (up to 30%) of their energy requirements directly from a private generator.
The idea is for the company to raise N$900 million on the local Namibian market and internationally to build the power park to supply competitively-priced electricity over the national grid to commercial and institutional, large power users. During the construction phase, 60 jobs will be created, while five jobs will be created during operations.

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