When you need your people on site and working, Praetorian delivers

Posted on 05 Feb. 2019

Designed to transport personnel and equipment over rough terrain and in the toughest conditions, the Torsus Praetorian Off Road Bus provides the ideal transport solution for heavy industries, including Oil and Gas, Construction and infrastructure operations. With the capacity to hold up to 35 personnel and their gear, impressive 4x4 capability, 400mm ground clearance and 925NM torque, nothing stands in its way.

Built tough, the Praetorian is based on a MAN TGM chassis and is fully four-wheel drive. It out-classes traditional transport solutions including SUVs, minibuses and vehicle conversions, which are unable to transport large numbers of workers or are unsuitable for the rigors of the environments in which they operate. Running the Praetorian in your fleet means fewer drivers, less consumables and longer vehicle life-cycles, with an overall lower cost of maintenance. 

Inside the vehicle, all seats are fitted with 3-point seat belts as standard and a range of comfort features from enhanced air conditioning to durable seating covers that are easy to clean and maintain. The Praetorian is available with a range of additional and optional safety equipment; from hazard lighting to protective caging, bull bars and reflectors. 

With the capability to deliver personnel directly to work zones, you can rely on Praetorian to help keep your operations running smoothly with less down-time due to transport delays and break downs, also cutting the need for staged or ad-hoc transport solutions.

A versatile, multi-use vehicle platform, Praetorian is available in a variety of configurations allowing for multiple roles from personnel transporter to cargo carrier, ambulance, mobile communications center and more. 

Torsus wish to establish dealership and distribution partnerships within the Middle East region and welcome the opportunity to discuss opportunities with any interested parties. 

For technical specifications and more information, please visit: 

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