XCMG Complete Set of Mining Equipment Solution Works on a Large-scale Coal Mine in Xinjiang

Posted on 04 Jul. 2018

The sky in Xinjiang is as clear as the surface of lake, and a large-scale XCMG excavator is working hard with a strong digging force.


Wucaiwan Coalfield in Xinjiang is located at the northern edge of the Tianshan Mountains and the southeastern edge of the Junggar Basin. It is affected by the Indosinian and Yanshan movements, where folds are intense and the terrain is complex. The mine contains 390 billion tons of coal underground in a 220-kilometer-long strip from the east to the west, which is currently the largest fully-integrated coal field in China. XCMG XE470D and XE700D excavators have been used for the mining of coal mines since they entered the mining area in February 2016. According to Mr. Wang, the principal of the coal mining company, as the mine is of poor working conditions, hard deposit and large dusts, the requirements for product quality and stability are extremely high. Since the XCMG mining excavators were purchased in batches in 2016, they have been used for more than 10,000 hours in two years and more than 20 hours per day. The principal said: “The XCMG mine machinery performs well. The attendance rate of 90-ton mining excavator reaches 91%. The XCMG XE470D and XE700D excavators can still maintain strong driving force under poor working conditions with high attendance and low failure rate, greatly enhancing the mining efficiency.

XCMG, guided by the needs of customers, continues to provide mine customers with “high-efficiency, low-cost and sustainable” complete mine construction solutions through continuous innovation of product technology, services and management models, and achieves win-win cooperation with mine construction companies to make active exploration and contribution to improving the construction level of China’s open-pit mine and realizing safe, smart and energy-saving and environmental protection mines. At present, XCMG complete sets of mining equipment have been applied in large and medium-sized mines of China, Australia, Canada and Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa and other countries.


Construction Drawing of XCMG Mining Equipment Solution


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