XCMG Rotary Drilling Rigs Took the Spotlight in Xiong'an Railway Station Project

Posted on 07 Mar. 2019

With the smooth completion of the first pile foundation, the main works at Xiong'an Railway Station Project, the largest in Asia, sprinted officially into the construction phase after full preparations. The Station will mainly serve passengers plying between Xiong'an New Area and Beijing, Capital City of China, a 30 minutes’ journey away to the north.

Consisting of 155 simply-supported beams underlying the main structure and 26 turnout beams for bridge approaches, the elevated railway station will be on a national trunk line of strategic significance and part of the extensive railway network in China. Due to its complex construction techniques, a tight construction schedule, high difficulty in project organization and the soft soil strata unique to the project region, XCMG was specially tapped for the daunting construction task. 

Based on the geologic settings on the site and the technical specifications of foundation piles (1-1.2 m in diameter and 30-35 m in burial depth), XCMG decided to deploy its light-duty rotary drilling rigs, mainly XR150 and XR180 models. Surely, living up to expectations on them, these small devices performed very well, attaining a high drilling efficiency of 30 minutes per pile, and thus, won high recognition from both the project owner and their users. 

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