XCMG’s LW800KN Clamp Loader Carves out a Niche in Port Operation Sector

Posted on 12 Dec. 2018

Benefiting from its commercially strategic location and easy access to surrounding provinces across the Yangtze River Delta Region, this large cargo port operated by a Jiangsu Port Corporation has enjoyed a brisk business all the year round, seeing a wide variety of cargoes coming in and out, in particular all kinds of timbers, and emerging among the busiest ports in China. As steadily rising shipments from all across the globe, including “supersize” logs from as far away as the remote African areas, are pouring into its sprawling berths, so, large-tonnage clamp loaders have recently been regular fixations here.

Based on its extensive research into various operating conditions for fork lift handling and user requirement surveys over years, XCMG has successfully developed a series of special loaders for lifting and transporting special materials such as coarse sands, quarry stones, timbers and scrap materials. Take as an example LW800KN clamp loader, their typical model, due to its remarkable versatility and excellent performance, the newly-launched clamp loader can satisfy needs from various types of customers and operate under various special working conditions.

When it comes to these loaders, a port officer in charge of equipment procurement said: 

“Here in our corporation - Zhangjiagang Port, we have used XCMG’s LW800KN clamp loaders since about five years ago. It is very powerful, and even a 4- m-long giant log of 2 meters in diameter is a child’s play for them. In most cases, the logs we handle are just approximately 8 meters in length and 0.5 meter in diameter. For such logs, they can lift a large bundle of them at a time, namely 4-5 common logs. If a bit thinner, they can easily handle a bundle of 7-8 logs by a single operation. So, besides lower facility costs, XCMG loaders are also very helpful in our overall operation efficiency improvement.”

Mr. Sun is the operator of the first XCMG loader here. While pointing to a humming machine over there, he said: “it is the first equipment we used at the Port. On average, it operates over 5,000 hours one year. In addition, there are excellent regular maintenance services from XCMG. So, over the past five years, we have never had any troubles with it. It has high quality and reliable performance, we trust it.”

Thanks to its outstanding performance, XCMG’s LW800KN loader has already won high recognition from its customers, and firmly cemented its status as an indispensable main player in seaborne goods handling operation. To better serve its customers, XCMG’s servicemen make regular visits to equipment users to gather their opinions and recommendations, and report to the Headquarters. XCMG’s engineers also reach out to customers to seek their inputs for making further improvements on their equipment. 

The port equipment procurement officer added: “XCMG has long valued full interaction with its customers in its R&D and manufacturing. Such a practice offers a solid guarantee to the applicability, ease of use and quality assurance of its equipment.”