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Bulldozers also popularly known as dozers are the essential earthmoving equipment used commonly in mining and construction works. It is primarily used for purposes including digging, levelling soil of varied types, excavating, and other works. It is the different type of heavy equipment that has made varied construction works hassle-free. 

Bulldozers available in varied models categorised on the basis of horsepower and weight. Bulldozers are generally mounted on tracks to ensure optimum capability of ground holding allowing easy mobility on slopes and even rough terrain. One can choose the type of the bulldozer considering the project site, type of terrain, purpose, and material types. The best bulldozer option will guarantee the efficiency, safety, and the cost. 

Types of Bulldozers 

Crawler Bulldozer: Mounted with blades, crawler bulldozers are generally used to move or shift soil, stones, earth, debris, etc. in large quantities from one place to another. A ripper equipped in the rear helps a crawler bulldozer perform efficiently the works related to mining, construction of roads, and development of construction sites, waste management, and more. The crawler bulldozer models range from 75 horsepower to 900 horsepower.    

Wheel Bulldozer: It is more manoeuvrable compared to crawlers and is bigger in size. It is highly efficient and is used at large construction project sites. It has great functionality and has the advantage of great handling. Wheel Bulldozer has absolutely articulated hydraulic steering making its operation easier. It has good ground grasping power and can easily move on a smaller axis. 

Why do People Choose Bulldozers from a Top Company?

Features, brand, and cost are the major key factors to be considered while planning to buy a bulldozer. The top global brands like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Shantui, XCMG, Liebherr, and more makes the availability of the unmatched quality of dozers for users. Today, bulldozers are powerfully efficient and loaded with modern technologies to offer the maximum output even in a short duration. 

Choose the type of bulldozer you need for your company from the trusted global brands to accomplish the varied types of your construction, mining or other business needs. You can make your exclusive choice and enjoy attractive deals on the purchase price of dozers. Explore Plant & Equipment for information on the availability of the latest used and new bulldozers of various models.