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Transforming the industry with a tech driven experience for buyers of all types of heavy machinery, trucks, construction and lifting equipment.
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Checked Bid Online
Checked Weekly Auctions
Checked Fully Inspected Machines
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Before you can bid on P&E Auctions, you need to create a free account. Once account is approved, all users must place a one-time deposit fee before placing bids.
Browse auction items​
You can find equipment items by brand or category. Click on the auction item you are interested in to review the pics and detailed inspection report.
Our system is an open bidding process meaning everyone can see the current bids. P&E Auctions avoids sniping by automatically extending the timer. Any bid received inside the last 2 minutes will automatically result in an additional 2 minutes.
Pay the winning bid​
Congrats! You will receive an email confirming the winning bid and invoice to pay from your registered account. Winning bidders pay Plant & Equipment a 5% buyer’s fee on top of the winning bid amount (minimum of $225, maximum of $7,500).
Schedule delivery​
Once invoice is paid, our team will coordinate with you by providing the best delivery rates.
Fill in our form
The easiest way is to fill in our form to sell on Plant & Equipment with this link. Our team of specialist will contact you about becoming a seller on our platform.
Prepare your listing
Once you sign a contract with us, we will prepare your listing by sending our team member to inspect and take detail photos/videos of the equipment.
Ready to be auctioned
Once everything is approved including schedule dates, we will auction the equipment items for a week.
Auction completes
When the auction timer ends, we will present to you the highest bid and request the verified buyer to pay the invoice within the next 10 business days. If your auction item had a reserved price that was not reached, then we will contact you and the buyer to negotiate on a final price.
Once the payment has been transferred to your account, we will arrange for the equipment to be picked up from your yard. The equipment and title should only be released once the seller has the full payment.

Inspected Machines

We provide equipment inspection reports for every item listed on P&E Auctions — for free. Our skilled assurance inspectors thoroughly check all essential systems and components of the equipment lots.


Low Fees

Buyers pay a 5% commission — minimum $225, maximum $7,500. Sellers list for free and receive 100% of the sale price.


Easy To Use

Our machinery auction allows buyers to easily bid used or refurbished machines online, which may be a wise decision for individuals on a budget in addition to giving a cost-efficient alternative for purchasing equipment.


7-Day Auctions

Our weekly machinery auctions provide a chance for businesses in the construction, mining, and logistic industries to quickly buy equipment at competitive prices. We provide a diverse choice of heavy equipment from reputable manufacturers, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you find the item you wish to bid on, you can submit a Live bid or a Max Bid (more info below). The bid boxes usually suggest the lowest amount you may bid, but you can always pick a greater number by manually entering the amount you wish to spend on the item.

You must first log in with your user information and pay the deposit before you can submit a bid. If this is your first time here, Create an Account You can bid on all things once you have activated your account via the email delivered to the email address you submitted and successfully paid the deposit.

You have the option of entering the maximum bid you envision paying for the item. will then bid on the auction for you until the amount limit is reached. If the bidding stops, you will receive the item at the lowest possible price. During the auction, a Max Bid is hidden from the other bidders. Only the current highest bid is revealed.

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