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Komatsu To Highlight Scalable, Sustainable Mining Solutions At Min Expo 2021

Komatsu To Highlight Scalable, Sustainable Mining Solutions At MINExpo 2021

To Help Support Its Customers’ Sustainability Targets While Prioritizing Safety And Productivity Komatsu Will Focus On “Creating Value Together” In Its 48000 Square Foot Booth At Min Expo 2021 Where The Company Plans To Unveil Its Latest Solutions For Surface And Underground Mining Operations. “Min Expo Provides The Perfect Opportunity For Industry Leaders To Collaborate On New Ways To Extract Essential Minerals At This Critical Time For Our Society” Said Jeff Dawes President And Ceo Of Komatsu Mining Corp. And Chairperson Of Min Expo 2021. “Supporting Our Customers’ Path Forward With New Solutions That Leverage Digitalization Electrification And Automation Is Crucial To Our Role As An Essential Provider To The Industry And We Look Forward To Sharing These Innovations Developed In Partnership With Today’s Mines.” The Company’s Latest Haulage Concepts Designed To Prioritize Customers’ Desire To Reduce Emissions And For Autonomous Haulage Solutions Will Be On Display; Revealing Komatsu’s Future Vision For Power Agnostic Dump Trucks And Autonomous Haulage Retrofits For Existing Equipment. Komatsu Will Also Preview Future Capabilities For Remote Operation Of Equipment Featuring Hydraulic Excavators And Autonomous Haulage. Other New Komatsu Solutions Designed To Advance More Sustainable Mining Methods That Will Be On Display Include: We1850 Gen 3 Surface Wheel Loader With Proven Sr (Switched Reluctance) Hybrid Drive Technology Zr122 Surface Blasthole Drill With Automated Features Battery Hauler For Underground Mining Powered By Lithium Ion Battery Technology Battery Tram Powered Zj32 Bi Jumbo Drill For Underground Hard Rock Mining Underground Hard Rock Drilling And Bolting Retrofits Compatible With All Major And Most Other Oe Ms Created With Input From Customers Around The World The Company’s Latest Equipment Service And Technology Solutions Are Designed To Simplify Tasks Streamline Processes And Ultimately – Help Optimize Customers’ Entire Enterprise. Recognizing That The Path Forward Will Not Look The Same For Every Operation Komatsu Is Here To Support Customers At Each Stage Of Their Journey Toward A More Sustainable Future. Company Representatives Will Be Available In The Booth To Consult With Attendees And Collaborate On New Solutions. Located In Central Hall C3 The Komatsu Booth (#7027) Will Debut The Company’s Unified And Expanded Mining Offerings With Additional Solutions Highlighted At Neighboring Booths For Modular Mining (Booth #7671) A Komatsu Technology Brand And Immersive Technologies (Booth #7583) And Hensley Industries (Booth #5401) Komatsu Subsidiaries.

Sandvik Levels Up Its Rotary Offering With The New Sandvik Rr240 Air Bearing Bit

Sandvik Levels Up Its Rotary Offering With The New Sandvik RR240 Air Bearing Bit

Sandvik Has Combined The Best Features Of Its Three Previous Air Bearing Bit Designs To Launch Sandvik Rr240 With Added Improvements That Extend Bit Life And Improve Productivity In Rotary Drilling. The New Sandvik Rr240 Air Bearing Bit Features All The Benefits Of The Previous Sandvik Rr321 Sandvik Rr221 And Sandvik Rr222 Rotary Bits Plus Updated Cutting Structures And Improved Wear Protection As Well As The New Power Carbide™ Sh75 On Selected Models. All In All Sandvik Rr240 Provides Longer Bit Life Compared To Standard Products As Well As Higher Penetration Rates And Reduced Total Drilling Costs. “We Understand That For Our Customers Every Bit Counts” Said Carsten Mijic Product Manager For Rotary Bits At Sandvik Mining And Rock Solutions. “Therefore I Am Thrilled That We Are Now Launching Sandvik Rr240: It Will Help Our Customers Take The Next Step In Their Rotary Drilling Operations With Significantly Longer Bit Life And Lower Total Drilling Costs. With Sandvik Rr240 Our Customers Can Increase Their Productivity Reduce Their Emissions And Costs And Create A Safer Workplace All At Once.” Power Carbide Sh75 For Longer Bit Life And Improved Safety With The Launch Of Sandvik Rr240 Sandvik Is Also Introducing Its Most Advanced Cemented Carbide Range Power Carbide To The Rotary Bit Product Segment. The Sh75 Featured On Sandvik Rr240 Is A Self Hardening Carbide Grade That Can Improve Bit Life Up To 50 Percent In Certain Rock Conditions. “We Have Been Keen To Add Power Carbide To Our Rotary Drill Bit Offering For Some Time And Are Now Very Happy To Be Able To Include The Sh75 Carbide Grade In The New Sandvik Rr240 Bit” Mijic Says. “Thanks To Its Ability To Significantly Increase Bit Life Our Customers Will Also Have Fewer Bits To Recycle Fewer Bit Changes And Less Risk For Injury.” The New Sandvik Rr240 Air Bearing Bit Is Available To Order Today In Sizes From 159mm (6 ¼”) To 406mm (16”).

Bauer Involved In The Expansion Of Egypt's Largest Port

Bauer Involved In The Expansion Of Egypt's Largest Port

Egypt Has Been Involved In Global Trade Since Ancient Times Due To Its Special Geographical Location At The Intersection Of Three Continents And Its 2000 Km Long Coastline On The Mediterranean And The Red Sea. The Egyptian Government Is Now Planning To Expand Six Main Ports In Order To Meet The Growing Demand In Maritime Trade And Bauer Spezialtiefbau Gmb H Has A Stake In Four Of Them With Its Local Subsidiary Bauer Egypt Sae. The City Of Alexandria Has Over 5 Million Inhabitants And Is The Second Largest City In Egypt After Cairo. The Port Of Alexandria Is One Of The Oldest Ports In The World And The Main Port In The Country. Around 60% Of The Country's Exports And Imports Are Processed Here. It Is Located On The Western Edge Of The Nile Delta Between The Mediterranean Sea And Lake Mariut And Consists Of Two Ports Separated By A T Shaped Peninsula. The Flat East Port Is Not Navigable For Large Ships The West Port However Is Used For Merchant Shipping. A Plan Is Now To Expand The Port Of Alexandria To Handle More Cargo. The New "Multi Purpose Terminal 5562" Which Is To Be Built As An Extension Of The Port Of Alexandria Takes Up An Area Of ​​Approx. 56 Hectares Which Is First To Be Extracted And Then Made Usable. Bauer Egypt Sae Was Commissioned By The Main Clients Edecs And Gieco With The Foundation Work For The Semi Rectangular 225897 M 3 Quay Wall Consisting Of A Front Diaphragm Wall Two Rows Of Central Piles And A Rear Row Of Barrettes. The Front Diaphragm Wall Will Be 1.2 M Thick Over A Length Of 1500 M And A Thickness Of 1.025 M Over A Length Of 1100 M. The 1326 Middle Piles And 660 Rear Barrettes Like The Front Diaphragm Wall Will Be 39 M Deep. In Addition To Four Trench Wall Cutters Two Bauer Bg 28 Rotary Drilling Rigs Are Used.The Vertical Elements Are To Be Produced In Parallel With The Help Of Two Huge Mixing Systems Which Are Initially Located On The North And South Sides Of The Wall And Each Cover A Radius Of 200 M. In The Course Of The Work The Mixing Plants Will Be Moved Along The Quay Wall. Bauer Egypt Began Work On September 28 2020 And Is Expected To Last Ten Months.

Terex Utilities Introduces Strongest Digger Derrick In The Transmission Market

Terex Utilities Introduces Strongest Digger Derrick In The Transmission Market

Terex Utilities Introduces A New Generation Of The General 65 Digger Derrick For Utility Transmission Applications During The Virtual Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (Eufmc) In June. “The General 65 Max Boasts Greater Capacities Through All Boom Angles But Especially In The Work Zone” Said Joe Caywood Director Of Marketing. “Whether The Transmission Crew Needs Low Boom Angles For Digging Holes And Pulling A Full Auger Flight Of Dirt Or Unloading Pad Mount Transformers At High Boom Angles The General 65 Max Has Superior Lifting Capacity In All Positions” He Said. At A 10 Ft Radius And Fully Retracted It Can Lift 22620 Lbs. With The Optional X Boost The General 65 Max Features 25000 Lbs. Capacity At High Boom Angles Which Is 26% More Power Than Its Predecessor. X Boost Adjusts Hydraulic Pressure To Increase Load Handling Capability And Enables Strong Performance For Lifting At High Boom Angles. “The General 65 Max Has The Most Competitive Capacity Ratings In The Market” Said Caywood. In Addition Crews Will Experience The Highest Work Zone Capacity When Digging Holes. “At Zero Degrees With The Boom Fully Extended—Which Is The Most Challenging Position To Work From—The General 65 Max Can Lift Almost A Ton Representing Over 80% Increase” Said Caywood. “It Is Important That A Digger Derrick Can Dig A Hole Lift A Full Flight Of Dirt On The Auger And Set The Pole From One Truck Setup To Keep Crews Productive. Out And Down As Well As Radial Outrigger Configurations Provide The Best Load Chart For Lifting Capacities. The General 65 Max Leverages Many Terex Pioneered Digger Derrick Design Features Such As Trapezoidal Dual Hydraulic Cylinders Which Work To Stabilize The Boom During Digging And Rotating; A Retractable Rectangular Boom; And Filament Wound Fiberglass Third Boom Section. Other Common Features Will Make Life Easier For Technicians And Operators. “Terex Commander And General Series Of Digger Derricks Have Standardized Controls Which Supports Operator Performance By Delivering The Same Look And Feel Regardless Of Which Terex Digger Derrick The Operator Is Used To” Said Caywood. Radio Controls And Other Control Station Options Are Available So Controls Can Be Customized. Technicians Will Also Experience Ease Of Maintenance Working On A Simple Full Pressure Hydraulic System And Overall Maintenance Access To Features Such As The Collector Block And Extension Cylinders. The General 65 Max Can Be Equipped With A Variety Of Tools And Accessories To Increase Productivity. Options Include Several Styles Of Transferrable Pole Guide Arms Full Lineup Of Terex Augers To Match Digging Conditions And Material Handling Jibs.

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