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Generator Features & Uses
Generators are machineries that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy for the use in an external circuit. Some of the sources of mechanical energy include gas turbine, steam turbine, water turbines, and wind turbines.

Types of Generators
Different types of generators are available for sale on such as an electrical generator, diesel generator, gas generator, engine generator, heavy duty generators and motor-generator. Generators can deliver power output between 50kW to 3000kW. 

Uses of Generator
The main use and purpose of any generator is to generate power or energy. It converts a specific form of energy to another form of energy. Generators are especially useful in remote construction sites that do not have an electrical capability. Generators can also be utilized as back-up power plan for your house. If there is load shedding, then it can be used to provide electricity to your home. 

How do generators work?
Generators convert mechanical energy availed from some external source into the electrical energy as output. It utilizes mechanical energy to force movement of the electric charges present in wire of its winding through the external electric circuit.

The flow of the electric charges constitutes output electric current supplied by generators. This particular mechanism is likely to be understood by properly considering generator to be analogous to a water pump, that causes flow of the water but it does not ‘create/ water flowing to it.

All the modern-day generators generally work on the principle of the electromagnetic induction discovered by great scientist Michael Faraday in the year 1831. 

Generator manufactures
A large range of new and used generators are listed for sale on Manufactures include Caterpillar, Perkins, Pramac, Cummins, Atlas Copco FG Wilson, Doosan, Sdmo, Volvo and John Deere.