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New Generation Of Material Feeders From Vögele

New Generation Of Material Feeders From VÖGELE

Material Feeders Form A Hub In The Transfer Of Material From Trucks To Pavers Thus Guaranteeing A Constant And Efficient Paving Process And High Paving Quality On Large Job Sites. To Increase The User Friendly Nature And Efficiency Of The Machines Still Further Joseph Vögele Ag Has Now Comprehensively Overhauled Its Former Dash 2 Generation: The New Mt 3000 3i Standard Power Feeder And The Mt 3000 3i Offset Power Feeder With Pivoting Conveyor Are Equipped With The Efficient And Ergonomic Dash 3 Machine Concept. This Includes Among Other Things The Ergo Plus 3 Intuitive Operating Concept Auto Set Plus Automatic Functions And The Pave Dock Assistant Truck Communication System. Vögele Has Also Optimized The Material Handling Concept: The New Design Of Receiving Hopper The Improved Conveyor Belt Control And The Effective Belt Heating System Allow Material To Be Unloaded And Conveyed Rapidly Without Loss – Whilst Simultaneously Reducing Wear. Maintenance And Transport Have Likewise Been Simplified: Users Can Now Reach Setting And Cleaning Points Even More Conveniently. The Angle Of Inclination And The Receiving Hopper Have Also Been Optimized For Transport On A Low Loader. “We Have Developed The New Generation Of Power Feeders In Close Collaboration With Our Customers” Says Bastian Fleischer Product Manager At Joseph Vögele Ag. “All The Functions Are Aimed At Making Job Site Processes Even More Efficient Economical And Convenient – Whilst Delivering The Same High Performance.” Both Versions Of The Material Feeder Achieve A Conveying Capacity Of Up To 1200 Th And Can Accommodate A Full Truckload Of Mix Within 60 Seconds. The Mt 3000 3i Offset Is Also Equipped With A Conveyor Belt Which Can Be Pivoted 55°. This Provides Contractors With A Wide Variety Of Potential Applications From Parallel Feeding Two Pavers To The So Called In Line Pave Method In Which The Material Feeder The Paver For The Binder Course And The Paver For The Surface Course Work One After The Other. Both The Mt 3000 3i Standard And The Mt 3000 3i Offset Integrate The Ergo Plus 3 Operating Concept To Increase Efficiency On The Job Site. In The Process Vögele Designed The Operator’s Console Specifically To Suit The Requirements Of Material Feeder Operators Making It As Intuitive And Convenient As Possible: All The Functions Are Arranged In Logical Groups And Clear Function And Status Indicators A High Contrast Display And Glare Free Backlighting Also Facilitate Operation For Users. The Pivoting Seat Console For Example Also Facilitates Particularly Ergonomic Working With Perfect All Round Visibility. The Auto Set Plus And Pave Dock Assistant Assistance Systems Are Also New; Vögele Previously Offered These Only For Pavers Of The Dash 3 Generation. With The Auto Set Plus Automatic Functions Operators Just Have To Push A Button To Put The Material Feeder In The Transport Repositioning Or Operating Positions Or To Save Material Handling Programs And Just As Easily Call Up These Settings Again Whenever They Are Required. This Is Especially Practical On Job Sites Which Require Frequent Repositioning Or Have Similar Paving Requirements. The Optional Pave Dock Assistant Communication System Facilitates Material Transfer: The Material Feeder Operator Can Use Two Signal Lights To Show The Truck Driver Clearly Whether He Is To Back Up Stop Or Dump Mix. If The In Line Pave Method Is In Use The Signal Lights Also Indicate Whether Material For The Surface Course Or The Binder Course Is Required. This Allows Reliable Loss Free And Efficient Material Transfer. The Mt 3000 3i Standard And Offset Material Feeders Weighing Some 20 And 24 Tonnes Respectively Are Real Power Packs Yet Users Can Now Inspect Maintain And Clean These New Machines Much More Easily: Vögele Has Significantly Improved Access To The Maintenance And Setting Points As Well As To The Cleaning Zones. For Example The Transfer Hopper Of The Mt 3000 3i Offset Is Hinged And Its Larger Step Makes It Easy To Clean. The Setting Points Have Also Been Reduced In Number And Colour Coded To Make Them More Easily Identifiable. Contractors Can Also Transport The New Material Feeders Comparatively Quickly And Easily: On The One Hand The Large Angle Of Inclination Of 15° Makes It Easier To Load Feeders Onto Commercial Low Loaders Whilst On The Other The Receiving Hopper Of The New Models Can Be Raised 25 Cm Higher Than Before. This Now Allows Users To Deposit Material Feeders On The So Called Goose Neck Of The Low Loader Without Any Issues Significantly Reducing Transport Length.

Paving Without Joints, Convincing Technology

Paving Without Joints, Convincing Technology

Quality Without Compromise For The Major B Road In Hamburg: Fixed Width Screeds From Vögele Deliver Absolutely Premium Quality Perfectly Even Results And Are The Hallmark Technology Of This World Market Leader. Project For The New Sb 300 Fixed Width Screed From Vögele: The Fixed Width Screed Demonstrated Its Benefits Right From The Start During A Project To Lay A Major Road. It Processed Complex Materials Such As Porous Asphalt And Stone Mastic Asphalt In Large Widths. The Result Was A Convincing One. Fixed Width Screeds Are Frequently Used When Large Widths Need Paving Without Joints. This Was The Case For A New Section Of The B75 In Hamburg Called The “Wilhelmsburger Reichsstrasse”. This Major Road Runs Alongside The Railway Tracks For A Distance Of Approximately 4.6 Km. Bundling Two Large Traffic Routes In One Place Means That Both The Town And Its Inhabitants Gain Space And The Noise Pollution Of The Busy Road Is Reduced For Those Living Nearby. Paving Was Performed By A Super 2100 3i Type Tracked Paver. This Highway Class Paver Of The State Of The Art “Dash 3” Generation From Vögele Is The Machine Of Choice For A Great Many Highway Projects. Sb 300 Fixed Width Screed: Top Quality Paving For Some Time Both Contractors And Operators Have Had Yet Another Reason To Use The Super 2100 3i To Work Without Joints In Large Widths: The Sb 300 Fixed Width Screed. In Combination With The Super 2100 3i It Can Pave A Maximum Width Of 13 M. The Asphalt Paving Work In Hamburg Almost Reached This Limit: The Binder And Wearing Courses Were Paved In A Width Varying Between 10.5 And 12.5 M. To Ensure That The Carriageway Resists Deformation One Part Was Made Of Stone Mastic Asphalt Whilst A 2.2 Km Long Section Was Completed In Porous Asphalt To Reduce Noise. When Processing Materials Compaction Performance And The Floating Behaviour Of The Screed Are Of Key Importance. Both Are Highly Dependent On The Correct Tamper Setting. With Hydraulic Tamper Stroke Adjustment For The New Fixed Width Screeds Vögele Delivers An Innovation Which Allows Tamper Stroke To Be Adjusted At The Push Of A Button. It Can Be Selected Between 4 And 8 Mm The Important Point Being That 4 Mm Are Recommended For Thin Layers Such As Binder And Wearing Courses Whilst A Stroke Of 8 Mm Is Recommended For Thick Base Courses. Current State Of The Art: The Sb 300 And Sb 350 Fixed Width Screeds From Vögele Integrate Numerous Innovations; Among Other Things These Reduce Set Up Time And Accelerate Paving When Pave Widths Vary. Hydraulic Bolt On Extension Increases Variability To 2.5 M Together With His Paving Team Construction Manager Martin Iske From Contractors Kemna Bau Managed All The Challenges Faced On The B75 In Style – Due Among Other Things To The Latest Screed Technology From Vögele: “The New Screed Is Very Rigid; The Immaculate Evenness Makes This Clear. The New Variability Is Another Feature To Highlight Paving Without Joints Would Have Been Impossible Without It.” Iske Is Referring To A Key New Feature On The Sb 300: The Hydraulic Bolt On Extension. This Extension To The Outside Of The Screed Can Be Extended Hydraulically – By 1.25 M On Each Side So A Total Of 2.5 M. This Enables Vögele To Combine The Advantages Of Its Extending Screeds With Those Of The Fixed Width Screeds: A High Degree Of Flexibility Plus Maximum Evenness. On This Large Scale Job Site The Kemna Bau Paving Team Pushed This Advantage Too Almost To The Maximum: Pave Width Varied By Around 2 M. Other Practical New Features Increase Efficiency The Sb 300 Can Be Combined With Several Vögele Pavers From The Super 1800 3i To The Super 3000 3i. It Has A Basic Width Of 3 M And A Variety Of Extensions Can Be Used To Increase It To A Width Of Up To 16 M. The Development Team Developed The Sb 300 Together With The Sb 350. The Latter Delivers A Pave Width Of 18 M Which Can Be Achieved In Combination With Vögele’s Flagship Paver The Super 3000 3i. Two Newfurther Developments On The Sb 300 And Sb 350 Fixed Width Screeds Ensure They Are Ready For Action Quickly: The Guide And Positioning System And The Electric Screed Heating System. Whilst The Guide And Positioning System Helps Users Fit The Extensions Correctly The Electric Heating System Brings The Screed To Operating Temperature More Quickly And More Evenly Than The Preceding Model.

New Sp 154i Slipform Paver From Wirtgen Paves Concrete In Two Layers

New Sp 154i Slipform Paver From Wirtgen Paves Concrete In Two Layers

Wirtgen’s Sp I Slipform Paver Is Capable Of Paving Concrete In Thicknesses Of Up To 450 Mm And Widths Ranging From 5 M To 16 M Depending On The Configuration. Wirtgen Has Recently Released The Sp 154i Updating Its Family Of Large Slipform Pavers. The New Paver Is Primarily Used For Two Layer Concrete Paving On Highways And Airport Runways. The Sp 154i Is Replacing Wirtgen’s Successful Sp 1500 Model. Flexibly Configurable Concrete Paving Train With Its Powerful 436 Hp Cummins Engine (That Meets The Eu Stage Vus Epa Tier 4f Exhaust Emission Standards) The Sp 154i Offers Ample Power Reserves That Enable It To Pave Concrete Surfaces Up To 16 M Wide And 450 Mm Thick. When Paving Concrete In Two Layers Three Separate Machines Work Together To Form A Paving Train: A Bottom Layer Concrete Paver A Top Layer Concrete Paver And A Tcm (Texture Curing Machine). In This Process The Sp 154i Can Be Used As Either A Bottom Layer Or Top Layer Concrete Paver. Thanks To Wirtgen’s Comprehensive Range Of Machines In Various Performance Classes It’s Possible To Create Concrete Paving Trains Tailored To Specific Job Requirements. Sp 154i: Top Layer And Bottom Layer Concrete Paver As A Bottom Layer Paver The Slipform Paver Is Equipped With An Automatic Dowel Bar Inserter Up To Three Automatic Side Tie Bar Inserters And A Concrete Conveyor To The Top Layer Paver. The Heavy Duty Paving Mold Paves The Concrete True To Line And Level While The Paver Moves Forward. Electric Vibrators Compact The Concrete. Then Dowels And Tie Bars Are Precisely Inserted Into The Bottom Layer Concrete. The Result Is A Homogeneous Cost Effective Concrete Surface That Forms The Ideal Base For The High Quality Top Layer Concrete. When Using The Sp 154i As A Top Layer Paver The Top Layer Concrete Is Conveyed Over And Across The Bottom Layer Paver Via A Belt Conveyor And Placed On The Fresh Bottom Layer Concrete In Front Of The Top Layer Paver. The Top Layer Concrete Is Paved “Wet On Wet” And Compacted With T Vibrators Specially Designed For Top Layer Concrete. The Slipform Paver Comes Standard Equipped With An Oscillating Beam And Super Smoother To Produce A Level Surface While The Hydraulically Adjustable One Piece Or Two Piece Side Plates On Both Sides Minimize Concrete Loss. Specially Designed Trailing Forms And Extended Side Plates Additionally Ensure That The Slipform Paver Can Produce Perfect Concrete Corners. Easy Transport And Short Setup Times The Sp 154i Stands Out For Its Outstanding Maneuverability And Traction Regardless Of The Surface Conditions Thanks To Its Four Steerable And Slewing Crawler Units. Making The Units Independent Of Each Other Makes Transport Easy And Results In Minimal Assemblydisassembly Effort. The Sp 154i Features A High Degree Of Automation Which Makes Concrete Paving Extremely Cost Effective.

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Important Information about Pavers

While driving on roads and highways or asphalt paved parking lots, have you ever considered what kind of equipment is needed to construct these large pavement areas? Asphalt Pavers are one such kind of equipment used to construct roads. An asphalt paver is a self-propelled formless laydown machine with a floating screed in which hot mixed asphalt is loaded in the front, and carried to the rear by a set of flight feeders, spreading the asphalt evenly for constructing smooth roads. 

Users can buy Asphalt Pavers online at

Pavers - Usage

Contractors use pavers to lay asphalt on roads, bridges, and parking lots, among many other places. In the road construction sector, businesses face many challenges daily, from meeting the tight deadlines to reaching hard-to-difficult areas. While constructing a road at any location, it is vital to continue working as quickly and accurately by reliable solutions. 

  • Different types of pavers offer a complete solution to the companies engaged in road construction, land development, civil works, construction of residential, commercial, industrial projects, and more. 
  • Pavers increase productivity by lowering the cost of operation, precise execution of plans, and ease of use to the operators. 
  • It helps users complete surface smoothening jobs on time and according to the location requirement. 

Buyers can visit Plant & Equipment to explore the broadest range of new and used asphalt pavers.

Pavers - Types

  • Slipform pavers
  • Asphalt crawler pavers 
  • Asphalt wheeled pavers
  • Concrete Pavers

Pavers - Application Areas

  • Roads
  • Ports
  • Parking lots
  • National Highways
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance of roads
  • Paving of path at any location
  • Aggregate Base Course

Why Pavers are Used While Constructing Roads?

  • Asphalt pavers create the smoothest surface for driving, which in turn enhances the durability of the vehicle tires for a safer and more enjoyable ride. Roads constructed using asphalt pavers can lower splash and spray during heavy rainstorms and reduce crashes and fatalities on highways.
  • Roads constructed using pavers are much smoother as compared to dirt roads. Also, it reduces the wear and tear of the vehicles, mainly due to more continuous surfaces.
  • Smooth asphalt roads reduce rolling resistance, which improves fuel efficiency and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. 
  • Special warm mix asphalt pavements are constructed in locations with lower temperatures are present, which lowers the energy required to heat asphalt materials for road construction.

A Wide Range of Paving Equipment

Finding the right paver for your construction project is not easy, especially the one that matches your requirements like size, brand, model, price, and specification. You need precise knowledge to evaluate the condition of paver that can solve the purpose effectively. 

Paver brands selling on include Dynapac Pavers, Caterpillar Pavers, Ammann Pavers, Bomag Pavers, Vogele Pavers, Bitelli Pavers, Volvo Pavers, and more online. 

We offer a reliable platform for construction companies, contractors, and distributors who require new or used wheel loaders, bulldozers, cranes, forklifts, generators, dump trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers, motor graders, and spare parts. Visit anytime to buy and sell used construction machinery at a competitive price!