9th Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2019 Asia Pacific

9th Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2019 Asia Pacific

Date 19th - 20th November 2019

Nowadays, some organizations are facing turbulent times, and they try to adjust company strategy to deals with global impact, geopolitical uncertainties. It’s now essential for organizations to transform/revolution to stay competitive and need modern and agile supply chain built on innovative strategies, including technological advances and skillful resource optimization.

With new digital technologies and strategies going mainstream as well as our great success of series supply chain summit past few years in Asia Pacific Region, the 9th Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2019 Asia Pacific (SCAP2019) brings together all-new contents across following information on Global Trends, Policy and Issue, Risk Management, Supply Chain Function Insights, Top Technologies and Innovation with more Application Case Studies to show you all you need in order to increasecustomer expectations and drive business value.

What’s more, we will have another stream in the total summit which is E-commerce talk about The Belt and Road Opportunity, Omni-Channel Operation, Cross-border E-commerce, Logistics and Digital Transformation to leading cutting-edge information and markets.

Host:  Ace Events
9th Annual Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2019 Asia Pacific(SCAP2019)
Website:  http://www.scinno-ap.com/
Theme:  Trends Now, Trends Future
Time and Location:  19th – 20th November, Singapore
Level of Attendees: CEO,CSCO,SVP,VP, Director of Supply Chain/Logistics/Procurement/Sourcing
Scale:  350+ Attendees,50+ Speakers

Highlights of SCAP2019

  • C- Innovation Series summit are among the most influential events in the Supply Chain industry Asia Pacific Region. 10 Events, 3500+ Delegates, 100+ Sponsors, 1000+ Companies Involved in the past 4 years;
  • 50+ Highest-level CSCO/SVP Speakers share the Operators and 100% Speakers from Iconic Brands; 350+ selective delegates;
  • Learn from First Class keynote speaker and some of today’s hottest trends, future and frontier trends of supply chain/Ecommerce with CEO/CSCO/SVP. How you can utilize them;
  • Frontier implication cases on supply chain/ecommerce and the sharing from Top 5 Solution Company;
  • Sub-Forum will discuss E-commerce frontier insights and Master-Level E-commerce Professional Attendees to enable maximized Networking with supply chain highest level attendees/speakers;
  • Industry Roundtable discussions connect you with other people in your industry or role who are dealing with similar challenges and opportunities;
  • Visit the exhibit hall to learn about the latest updates and ask questions. Pre-Arranged 1 to 1 Meeting and More On-site service to build the connection with potential clients;
  • Depth Communication Through Lunch Meeting +Coffee Break + Cocktail Party, Come to learn and network to find ways to help cross-promote with others like you.

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