Abu Dhabi World Road Congress

Abu Dhabi World Road Congress

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Date 6th - 10th October 2019

Since the first World Road Congress held in Paris in 1908, PIARC has organized Congresses every four years in a member country with the aim of sharing worldwide techniques, innovations, political strategies, trends and developments, best practices and experiences in the fields of road, infrastructures and transport between Ministers, governments, private sector, road and transport administrations and organizations, academics, solutions’ providers, experts and practitioners from more than 120 countries across the planet.
The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) won the bid to host the prestigious 26th Congress and taking the current international situation across the globe into account came up with the topic “Connecting Cultures, Enabling Economies” to enable multilateral talks as innovative way to establish new ideas towards better understanding not only of road, infrastructure and transport works but also regarding the cultural part that should be implemented among all.

Indeed for thousands of years, roads, transport and infrastructure have played an essential role in the economic, social and cultural fields in the strategic national development plans of all the countries of the world no matter their level of development. On a daily basis, locally, regionally and universally they allow workers mobility, population flows, products and services trades, technology and innovations dissemination, exports and imports movements, but also social, health and education development, linguistics and culture spread for years.

However, nowadays, new issues have to be tackled by cities that face current global issues such as frenetic urbanization and population growth, climate change and environmental issues, globalization, autonomous vehicles, new regulations, heavy traffic, etc. The WRC has been designed to enable all states around the world to discuss universal topics, such as safety and security, funding, design, development, to exchange new and innovative ideas in order that all participants go back home with new knowledge able to be implemented at the local and national levels.

Around the world, road administrations and specialists are adapting and working solutions to face today’s and tomorrow’s challenges and we look forward to discussing these developments in Abu Dhabi in October 2019.
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