Date 4th - 8th November 2019

The survival of the African economies favourably depends on the technology, innovations, transfer of creative ideas and ability to provide facilities to make them thrive for optimal participation in the global socio-economic stage. 

However, it is mind- boggling to know that though there are more than 50 countries in Africa, the continent is still rated as the poorest in the world. 

With its diverse economic and offering, Africa has a potential to become the world’s no.1 investment magnet. Millions of people throughout the continent are committed to uplift their countries. They are in every sector. 

However their efforts are hampered by many difficulties. Therefore AFRIBIF, as a premier business and investment platform, will showcase every aspect of trades, investment opportunities and availability of resources thereof.  It has been developed to provide an international or continental world class experience for business partnerships to foster exchange of ideas, exhibition of new technology innovations and sharing of knowledge for standard business acceptable practices.


Africa Business and Investment Forum is aimed at bringing together the entire continent to collectively address many of its economic and trade challenges and use the opportunity to re-ignites cooperation amongst its nations. 

Event Format




4TH  - 8TH  November 2019 ( 5DAYS)


Reshaping business and investment to meet the demands of trade and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.





Speeches by the political principals

The industry expert forums on various topics.

Demonstration by innovators


Expo packs

Estimated attendance

+/- 10 000 delegates


EXPO style

Target Market

Government representatives, experts, community representatives, local businesses, NGOs, CEOs, regulatory bodies, financial institutions, Investors and academics.



The expert forums will highlight the following: 

  • Impact investment
  • Market characteristics, Policy dynamics and Exchange controls
  • Measures to increase foreign direct investments
  • How the economic, political and social landscape impacts on the growth of business in Africa.  
  • Building relationships across agencies and all spheres of government to accommodate technology and innovation.  
  • Building the business case for the continent’s readiness for the 4IR. 
  • The current and future challenges faced by the business in the continent, such as Green Economy, Digital Migration, strife and many more.

Who will Exhibit 

  • Machineries & Workshop Equipment 
  • Manufacturing Company
  • IT and Communication Technology 
  • Government agencies
  • Commerce Franchising
  • Automotive Industries
  • Research and Technology Innovations
  • Energy & Power Generation
  • Investors / Ventures capitalists
  • Trade Associations & Professionals bodies e.t.c

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