EGY Waste & Recycling Expo

EGY Waste & Recycling Expo

Exhibiting Items:
Date 28th - 30th March 2020

EGY-Waste & Recycling Expo (EWRE) 2020 

The 4th International Environmental Exhibition & Conference for 

  • Solid Waste & Resources Management (Agricultural – Municipal – Industrial - Hazards & Urban Waste)
  • Energy Efficiency (Green & Renewable Energy - Energy from Waste – Refuse-derived Fuel (RDF))
  • Sustainable Cities (Smart Communities – Sustainable Mobility)

EWRE is the one of the leading environmental events in Africa and the MEA region for Solid Waste & Resource management (Agricultural – Municipal – Industrial - Hazards & Urban Waste), Energy Efficiency (Green & Renewable Energy - Energy from Waste – Refuse-derived Fuel (RDF)), Sustainable Cities (Smart Communities – Sustainable Mobility). Being the only specialized international exhibition for Waste management & Recycling in Egypt, EGY Waste & Recycling EXPO is dedicated to highlight the Egyptian waste and recycling challenges and opportunities.

Exhibitor Overview:

  • 120 Exhibitors
  • 15 Exhibiting Countries 
  • 1000+ Brand
  • 10,000 Sqm Indoor Space

Why Exhibit?

EWRE is the only specialized environmental exhibition in Egypt that covers all sectors Solid waste and resources management, energy efficiency and sustainable cities.

EWRE attracts many domestic and international investors and financers, which gives Start-Ups interested in expanding their business the opportunity to sign new business partnerships.

EWRE hosts professional visitors from Egypt, Gulf, Africa and other international countries, which gives you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with your potential customers and get immediate feedback about your products and services.

EWRE has a great support by different governmental bodies regulating the waste sector, such as the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Local Development……so you have the typical opportunity to network with government decision-makers, business leaders

EWRE recognizes the importance of the private sector as it attracts decision makers and environmental concerned parties in the private sector such as those working in the construction, industrial and agricultural sectors which provides you with the opportunity to meet with investors and country delegations from around the world during the exhibition and the accompanied conference.

EWRE gives you the chance to connect with new agents, associations, public and private sector professionals and partners for delivering a greater presence in Egypt and MEA Regions and other international counties.

EWRE is an ideal place to meet members of various internationally acclaimed supporting bodies and organizations.
EWRE allows you to share best practices, expertise, innovations and market trends with National and Multinational Exhibitors. 

EWRE Raises the visibility of your brand or company to serious buyers from the region. (Through investing, different sponsorship packages including workshops, etc…)

EWRE helps you in finding effective solutions for increasing sales and new opportunities for market expansion trends.

EWRE hosts different matchmaking and B2B meetings 

EWRW is aware of the financial challenges that are needed to support your business hence, many of financial institutions, banks and other international associations that supports funding environmental projects are actively participating in the exhibition and conference

Why Visit?

With the attendance of 10,000 visitors from Egypt, Africa, MENA region and a lot of other countries that are interested to open a new market in Egypt, EGY- Waste & Recycling Exhibition provides its visitors with the following:

  • An opportunity to visit an exhibition hall packed with 200+ exhibitors over an exhibiting area 7000 sq.m representing leading suppliers showcasing the latest equipment, technology and tools in the environmental industry that will help you do your job more efficiently and save your company or department time, money and provide you with long term relationships with these suppliers. 
  • B2B and Matchmaking program.
  • Visiting the exhibition will allow you to have the opportunity to meet buyers.
  • Meet representatives from different governmental bodies exhibiting and participating in the conference and workshops such as Ministry of Environment, Ministry of local Development, Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities, General Authority for Investment, Ministry of Trade and Industry and SMEs etc….. 
  • Get updated and explore the latest technologies, market trends, and international best practices.
  • Find solutions for your challenges to improve your company’s efficiency.
  • Network and connect with peers from different countries to exchange expertise. 
  • Attending EGY-Waste & Recycling Expo’s comprehensive conference sessions and workshops provides you with an educational opportunity to learn about all aspects of the environmental industry, and get to know the updates in the market and the Egyptian country’s vision in the future going towards 2030.

EGY-Waste & Recycling (EWRE) Conference

EWRE conference is held to discuss the challenges and issues facing all concerned parties in the environmental fields and to provide them with effective solutions for their businesses.

EWRE conference goals and objectives are to:

  • Develop the environment and reduce market challenges by displaying and analyzing the current situation in the Egyptian Market in regards to waste and recycling, solving the issues and get to know the governmental vision 2030 agenda and updates
  • Support interested investors in identifying investment opportunities in the market
  • Creating a debate regarding hot topics and issues concerning the environment in the different sectors of waste and recycling in Egypt through holding interactive sessions. 
  • Reaching and applying international environmental standards by sharing best practices in different waste and recycling sectors
  • Get educated about the trends in the market and possible cost effective applications by solution providers and high-tech experts
  • Help you understand the role of digitalization in this field
  • Provide possible solutions and support opportunities by gathering experts in one hub to discuss the challenges facing large, midsize and startup companies 
  • Adopt and customize new technologies used in foreign markets that could be applied in the Egyptian market according to its needs by getting updated with these new technologies and how they work
  • Providing financial support to solve financial challenges in the market by getting an opportunity to meet with financers to understand the possible funding plans 
  • Get to know the importance of integration and synergy of stakeholders efforts to maximize the outcomes
  • Providing a better waste free environment by raising awareness involving not only the government but public and private institutions 
  • Supporting the environmental efforts to raise awareness by identifying the role that media plays
  • Networking, networking, networking! Our Conference is designed to provide maximum opportunities for important conversations and give you the opportunity to schedule meetings with current and prospective customers.

Stay ahead of your competitors & do not miss out the opportunity of exhibiting in this promising and innovative market, and take your place at EWRE 2020.

Date: 28-30 March, 2020
Venue: Egypt International Exhibition Center, Cairo, Egypt

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