Heavy Machinery ASIA

Heavy Machinery ASIA

Exhibiting Items:
Date 23rd - 26th October 2019

About Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery provides all kinds of major equipment for the metallurgy and casting, mines, petrochemical, energy, transportation, irrigation works, military affairs and other departments. It is having a significant impact on our national economy and defense construction. With the gradual improvement in the global economy, China Heavy Machinery is expected to maintain a comparatively high growing trend, achieve a qualitative breakthrough in technological capabilities and have an international competitiveness in next few years.

Product Categories

  • Metallurgical machinery
  • Mining machinery
  • Hoisting machinery
  • Series lifting equipment
  • Conveying machinery
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Logistics warehousing equipment
  • Hydraulic lubrication equipment
  • Heavy casting and forging
  • Metallurgical, mine lifting and transportation machinery fittings

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