Infrastructure Vietnam

Infrastructure Vietnam

Date 25th - 26th July 2019

Accelerating Vietnam’s Infrastructure Development for Sustainable Growth 

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in ASEAN. Currently, just 20 per cent of the country’s national roads are paved, and a recently approved plan to build a 1,372km north-south highway by 2030 is estimated to cost $14bn. The rising population in major cities in recent years has strained and exceeded capacity of the existing connectivity networks and utilities systems. With 50% of Vietnam’s population expected to be living in cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are building rapid transit systems exceeding US$ 22 billion in the hope of reducing private vehicle ownership and improving air quality. 

Various expressway projects are planned and underway to improve connectivity within major cities. Similarly, development and upgrading of urban utilities infrastructure are announced and there are 44 planed PPP projects with total investment value worth up to US$ 120 billion in the road and power sectors.

According to the G20 Global Infrastructure Outlook 2017 report, Vietnam requires US$605 billion in infrastructure investments by 2040. Infrastructure investments accounted a 44% share, followed by transportation (28%), telecommunications (16%) and water (12%).

The Vietnam government is set to meet its ambitious goal through liberalising various industries and embracing PPP. The government has been making efforts to introduce private-sector participation in the roads and rail sectors, and actively attracting foreign direct investment to develop its infrastructure needs. 

The hosting of the Infrastructure Vietnam 2019 (IVN2019) is to provide an interactive platform for potential investors and key players of the industry to gather in Vietnam and get updated on the new directions, investment policies and market potential of the construction and infrastructure sectors in Vietnam. 


  • Gain first-hand information on to-date Vietnam’s construction market and their future plans 
  • Updated information reflecting your most concerned issues in investing in Vietnam including policies, incentives, regulations
  • Renowned best practitioners, industry leaders and local authorities sharing insights
  • In-depth briefing on masterplans, available projects and collaboration format
  • Unrivalled networking and exchange of experiences across 25+ countries
  • Explore potential collaborations and investment opportunities with 300+ local and international industry stakeholders

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