Re-Construct Iraq

Re-Construct Iraq

Date 26th - 29th June 2019


  • The largest construction exhibition in Iraq.
  • Organized under the direct support of Iraqi government authorities.
  • Organized in Erbil which is 100 % safe and the most preferred expo city of Iraq.
  • All time saving exhibition services are provided by the organizer such as stand construction, logistics, accommodation etc.
  • Iraq needs at least 2 million housing units.
  • The required investment amount is at least $ 2 billion.
  • The government's goal is to make every citizen a home owner in the next five years.
  • As a result of the rising oil prices, Iraq's oil revenues increased which helped the government eliminate financial problems and made it able to finance investment costs with its own resources.
  • The total length of Iraq’s highways is 42,000 km, 85% of which are asphalt roads. According to the Ministry of Transport, a total amount of $ 40 billion in investment  is required for the renewal of the transport infrastructure (maintenance of existing roads and construction of new ones).
  • Another future project of the Iraqi government is to transform the country to a transit route. According to the plan, the ships arriving to the Arabian Gulf from the Far East (especially Chi-na) unload its goods imported to Europe in Basra, then transfer the shipment to Europe through land route via Turkey. 


  • Construction Technologies
  • Construction Machinery
  • Construction Materials
  • Contracting Services
  • Power Systems and Electricity
  • Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning, Pumps
  • Water & Environment Technologies
  • Glass, Wood & Metal Products
  • Kitchen, Bath & Ceramics
  • Outdoors & Garden Decoration
  • Infrastructure & Bodyworks

Admission: Admission to the exhibition is restricted to trade and professional visitors, admission is free upon completing a registration card or presenting a business card Children under 12 years old are not allowed to visit the fair.


Net Organization: Sofuar:

Address: Tekstilkent Koza Plaza, A Blok, Kat: 29, No: 109 Esenler/ Istanbul/ Turkey Phone: +90 272 212 61 20

Contact person: Muhammed Al BUKHARY ( Project Manager)
Phone: +90 216 575 28 28 EXT: 123 Cell: +90 553 186 90 34 Email: [email protected] 

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