Saudi Logistics Conference

Saudi Logistics Conference

Date 13th - 15th October 2019

Designed to help supply chain, logistics leaders & specialist to reassess the previous experience and operations in order to look forward to adapt the current and future techniques which are supporting the businesses and link operations with more than 3000+ supply chain leaders adding to them , their teams those will be available at the same time with almost the same goals at our conference, it will be a great opportunity for those looking to expand their business and enhance their knowledge and understanding of new supply chain practices.

Conference Main Hubs

01 - Simplifying supply chain & logistics technology

02 - The future of supply chain in kingdom of Saudi Arabia

03 - Investing in Saudi Arabia

04 - Renewable energy & supply chain

05 - Big data analysis & its impact on businesses

2018 Statistics - Two-day Event

33 International and local speakers

56 Success partners from sponsors and supporters

14 Visual presentations

4 Interactive panel discussions

7000 Number of visitors to the exhibition

3840 Attendance to conference for two days

Why should I attend the conference?

The conference is a unique strategic opportunity which new ideas will be discussed and exchanged with colleagues and potential partners via talks. The conference will also be an ideal occasion for those looking to learn the best practices which would save time and money through a highly specialized and professional platform.

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