SA Auction


SA Auction was established in 2009.  With our head office in Bloemfontein, and sales depots in the Free State and Gauteng, we are able to serve the entire country from a central point.

In 2016, SA Auction expanded into a group of companies, thus originated: SA Group.  SA Group arose from a need in the industry for an auction house that understands and accommodates each individual’s needs.  SA Group is divided into a group of five companies:  SA Auction, SA Trading, SA Livestock, SA Property and SA Shop Online.  A specialist in each company division, tends to the client’s requirements in every possible way.

The two founders, Rudi Herbst and Jacques Le Roux, with their professional and zealous team, have a combined experience of 27 years, built a company that many corporate entities rely on turning their assets into wealth.  No auction is too big or small for us.  With a wide network of national and international buyers we can guarantee you that the best prices will be attained at every auction.

SA Group’s world-class website has become a display hub and key marketing tool during the past years, and received approximately 24 000 sessions and 85 000 page views per month, from across the globe.  Marketing outlines the most important part of any auction and sales, thus our marketing team exerts themselves to ensure the intended market for each asset is in aim.  We succeed in reaching the decision makers that matter.