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Raising the Bar

Post Date: May 05, 2020

Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar introduced Cat’s latest excavators in the GC series the 330 GC (in November, 2019) and the 336 GC and 345 GC (in January, 2020). Plant & Equipment focuses on their most prominent features.

Adapting to the new normal in this ongoing pandemic is the way forward for all businesses. Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar, Caterpillar’s official dealer in the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar, has been quick to respond to this crisis. Doing this has been a seamless experience both for the company and its clients because of its already established online presence. And the ongoing Covid 19 situation has only reinforced the convenience of these online services essentially making them the ideal platforms for interacting with clients and fulfilling requests and orders.

“With online platforms like Parts.Cat.Com (PCC) and My.Cat.Com (MCC), we are ensuring customers can reach us safely and conveniently. We are taking all the necessary actions to keep our business running smoothly. By connecting online we are ensuring business continuity,” says Samer Ismail, Product Manager, Earthmoving and Excavation.

“Offering best-in-class, up-to-date and improved versions of our products is the reason we introduce new, enhanced models,” says Ismail. Most newer models promise better operating efficiency, fuel efficiency and lower costs, helping our customers achieve their targets, efficiently. “And these are the exact features we want to focus on in detail (below) for the benefit of our clients,” he continues.

Cat® 330 GC

The Cat 330 GC which was introduced in the market in 2019, has proved to be a sturdy, reliable machine providing business owners with more and more profits with each year of use. For most buyers of this model of excavator, it is a core part of their machinery fleet.

Continuous improvements to capacity and return on investment only makes these excavators even more popular. These new models - GC excavators 336 and 345 - were introduced in the regional market in early January this year. 

As compared to its predecessors, this new, next generation, 330 GC uses up to 10% less fuel. Fuel consumption is reduced due to a number of features such as larger hydraulic pumps, an electronic main controlled valve as well as electronically controlled cooling fans.

The 330 GC allows the choice of different operational modes - the Power mode and Smart Mode - based on the job to be done; this again contributes to economic and appropriate fuel usage. Power mode is good for truck loading and trenching and Smart mode adapts to engine speed and hydraulic power to optimise use of fuel. The choice of mode can be set as a default by the owner to manage fuel consumption.


With improved features the new 330 GC manages to provide overall savings on maintenance costs of 20%. The fuel filters and the Cat air filter have increased capacity hence a longer life. The new hydraulic filter has a higher dirt holding capacity. Also, the length of the hydraulic hose is 48m smaller with 90 fewer connections. The smaller hose and fewer connections mean a reduced risk of leakage and damage.

Cat® 336 GC

This machine is a sister to the original 330 GC. It’s a top performer when it comes to owner reliability to get the job done. Fuel efficiency on this machine is better by 5% as compared to the previous D2 series. Simply put, this excavator will load four more trucks while consuming the same amount of fuel as the previous model. Other main fuel consumption reducing features are similar to the 330 GC with the two operating modes - Power mode and Smart mode.

The 336 GC provides owners with a 15% reduction in maintenance costs, as there are larger maintenance intervals, so more gets done at no additional cost. The owner of this machine will be replacing 50 fewer filters over 12,000 operational hours when comparing it to its predecessor from the D2 series.

What’s more is this excavator comes equipped (as does the 330 GC) with a sophisticated driver experience inside the cab. Since these machines work in rugged and dangerous outside environments, providing a safe and comfortable experience to the driver is paramount for the execution of duties.

It’s an ISO certified ROPS cab with suppressed, sealed sound. Large windows all around ensure optimum visibility without having to lean forwards for a better view. Operator safety is top priority in all Cat machines and the cab has an anti-skid floor that has more than 1,000 individual perforations enabling better traction leading to no uncalled for slipping and lesser workplace accidents and injuries.

Cat® 345 GC

You could say the 345 GC, is the workhorse of the family as it’s durable, doesn’t cost much and gives a top-notch performance when it comes to everyday, standard jobs.

Fuel consumption savings on this machine, as compared to its predecessors, are a substantial 25%. Features in this excavator are also the same as the previous two models with similar two mode options of Power mode and Smart mode. Besides this, the hydraulic system provides an optimal balance of power and efficiency during operation. 

Maintenance cost savings on this machine are a massive 30% lesser when compared to its previous counterpart. Features contributing to this saving include a ground level access to check hydraulic filter oil and to drain excess fuel system water.

All the three models come with standard equipment and optional equipment based on the requirements of the end user.

Market status

The excavator market in the UAE and region was expected to grow steadily over this year, however, this was the opinion before the pandemic hit. On a positive note, Covid 19’s effects haven’t derailed much of the demand. There is cautious optimism and an attitude of watching the situation closely as it unfolds on a day-to-day basis. Keeping ears to the ground is what most businesses are doing as well as keeping close communications with clients and buyers. “Al-Bahar is continuing to serve all of its clients through its online platform like Parts.Cat.Com (PCC) and My.Cat.Com (MCC). Clients can order parts and accessories or optional equipment to go with their machines and know that the product will be delivered to them at their desired location. They can also manage their fleet online, using MCC,” concludes Ismail.

Post Date: May 05, 2020
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