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Excavator Types and Usage in Construction

Excavators are heavy machinery used for a range of work like trenching, digging, loading trucks, earthmoving, and more. An excavator with the right attachment can be used for a wide scope of construction work.

You will find an array of choices based on your requirements when it comes to excavators. You will also find the right attachment that would meet your varied purposes. Be it a civil engineering project or road construction, you will have the correct excavator according to your needs from our dedicated online platform Plant & Equipment 

Types of Excavators
There are different types of excavators categorised on the basis of equipment features and uses. The most common usage is at the various construction sites.

Below are the 4 Diverse Excavator Types

Tracked Excavators or Crawler Excavators 
A tracked excavator is also well-known as crawler excavator. It uses hydraulic power mechanisms to perform the different mining and heavy duty construction related works. It is more suitable for the works in rough terrain regions. It features more flexibility, balance, and solidity. 

Mini Excavators
A mini excavator has its own importance and is preferred for the use in narrow areas where tricky turns are required. It is more commonly used to remove debris, dig pools, cleaning of sites, and other works in residential and commercial areas where there is limited space. It has good orientation power and has greater flexibility.  Curious to know how to use a Mini Excavator? Learn more from our blog page, Equipment Zone

Dragline Excavators
It features dragline system and distinctive hoist rope. It has larger excavator and utilizes a hoist rope system attached to a bucket through a hoist coupler. Draglines are assembled on project site due to their weight. Dragline excavators are used during the civil engineering works of large scale like canal dredging. 

Long Reach Excavators 
It features 40 to 100 feet arm which is extendable with attachment. It is very often used for heavy-duty digging projects and industrial demolitions. It can easily reach even the hard to reach locations. Varied types of attachments can be easily affixed to its arm to do various other jobs like crushing, shearing, and cutting.

Finding the Right Excavator Online
Buying an excavator is a huge expense. There are different excavator models online for sale. You need to be wise while choosing the excavator that would meet all your requirements. There are certain features that need to be analysed before buying an excavator.

Following are some of the features to be considered:

  • Operating weight: The lesser the operating weight the lower is the purchasing cost. This is an essential feature that you need to consider.
  • The capacity of the bucket: A bigger bucket would mean more spaces to carry that would save the extra fuel.
  • Horsepower: The smallest engine is to be selected to make sure that lesser fuel is consumed.
  • Space: It is also necessary that the space that is being taken by the excavator is being considered. There are some of the excavators that consume a huge amount of space. For such excavators managing the work in little space gets difficult. This is also an important consideration that needs to be made for making the right choice.   

Making consideration of such factors would minimise the cost of performance and would help in cutting the cost of production of a project. These guidelines would help you select the right one. Thus, it is essential to have a check at the various excavator features.

Excavator Attachments and Parts

  • Buckets
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Cab
  • Counterweight
  • Clamp
  • Coupler
  • Breaker
  • Arm
  • Boom
  • Engine
  • Track frame

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Businesses can easily increase productivity, worker efficiency, and gain more profit by use of the right type of excavator for the varied types of civil works. Visit us anytime to make your exclusive selection of excavators! To learn more ab out excavators, check out our Excavator
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