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First Nooteboom 4+6 Low Loader Combination In Germany For Fröhlich Bau Kran Und Baustellenlogistik

First Nooteboom 4+6 Low Loader Combination In Germany For Fröhlich Bau Kran Und Baustellenlogistik

Fröhlich Bau Kran Und Baustellenlogistik Takes The First Nooteboom 4+6 Euro Px Low Loader Into Service For Germany. Largest Nooteboom Low Loader Offers 250 Tons Of Train Weight The Company Fröhlich Bau Kran Und Baustellenlogistik From Rangsdorf (D) Has Expanded Its Fleet With The Largest Low Loader In The Nooteboom Euro Px Low Loader Program. It Concerns The Euro 143 46 Icp. Mr. Rainer Fröhlich Is The First Transporter In Germany To Use This Impressive Low Loader Combination With A Train Weight Up To 250 Tons For His Customers. This Combination With An Axle Distance Of 1.51 Meters Is Optimized For The German Legislation. Due To The 12 Tonne Axle Load At 80kmh Loads Of Approx. 100 Tonnes Can Be Efficiently Transported In And Through Germany. These Specifications Considerably Simplify The Permit Procedures In The Individual German Federal States. Fröhlich’s Latest Addition Is Used For The Transport Of Large And Heavy Loads Of Over 85 Tons Such As Construction Machinery General Cargo And Crane Loaded Goods Such As Bridge Constructions. Rainer Frohlich Managing Director And Owner Of Fröhlich Bau Kran Und Baustellenlogistik: “Our Relationship With Nooteboom Has Existed Since Our Company Was Founded In 2014. Our Experience In Recent Years With Nooteboom Trailers And The Service And Support From The Nooteboom Organization Gave Us The Confidence To Award This Large Order To Nooteboom. Nooteboom Has An Excellent Reputation In The Field Of Low Loaders With Hydraulically Steered Pendulum Axles. Moreover The Low Loaders Are Very Easy To Operate For Our Drivers Compared To Alternative Brands. The Big Advantage Is That We Can Now Easily Combine All Types Of Low Loader Configurations. For Us This Is A Much Cheaper And More Efficient Alternative Than The More Complex And More Expensive Module Trailers”. Complete Package Besides The Purchase Of The 4+6 Low Loader The Investment Also Includes An Extra 2 Axle Ic Interdolly And Several Loading Floors. The Extendable Wide Load Floor The Extendable Spine Bed With Highlow Matrasses And The Close Coupled Bridge Pieces Offer A Special Versatility. There Are Also 5 Metre Long Extension Beams That Can Be Combined With Both The Wide Load Floor And The Spine Bed. This Results In An Effective Load Floor Of 16 Metres In Length. If The Length Is Not Sufficient It Is Possible To Mount 2 Heavy Load Carriers With A Load Capacity Of 100 Tons On The 4 Axle Interdolly And The 6 Axle Axle Bogie. This Allows Long Goods Up To 40 Metres To Be Transported. When Using The Close Coupled Bridge Pieces The Low Loader Can Easily Be Converted To For Example A 10 Axle Semi Low Loader. In This Configuration The Load Capacity Increases To Well Over 100 Tons. All Configurations Of His Latest Investment Are In The Vehicle Database Of No Vab The Nooteboom Axle Load Calculation Program That Mr Fröhlich Uses To Determine The Vehicle Combination For Carrying A Specific Load. Novab Provides A Quick Overview Of How The Load Should Be Positioned And Transported On The Low Loader So That The Permissible Axle Load Is Not Exceeded. An Extra Highlight On The Trailer Is The Built In Tpms System. This Tire Pressure Monitoring System Specially Developed By Goodyear Is Installed In All 44 Tires. The Driver Benefits From Constant Monitoring And Receives An Error Message If A Problem Occurs With One Of The Tyres. This Allows The Driver To React Immediately Before Unforeseen Situations Arise.

Ron Deelen New Chairman Of The Supervisory Board Of Nooteboom Trailers

Ron Deelen New Chairman Of The Supervisory Board Of Nooteboom Trailers

Ron Deelen Has Been Appointed As New Chairman Of The Supervisory Board Of Nooteboom Trailers Bv With Effect From 1 July. He Succeeds Henk Riemens Who Retires After 21 Years As A Member Of The Supervisory Board The Last 13 Years Of Which As Chairman. As An Experienced General Manager In The International Automotive World Ron Brings Valuable Experience For Nooteboom In Strategic Commercial And Organizational Areas. Ron Deelen (54 Years Old) Is Ir Technical Business Administration And Started His Career At Daf Trucks Then Nedschroef After Which He Held Board Positions At Various Large Industrial Companies. He Is Currently Ceo Of British Steel. The Three Headed Supervisory Board Of Nooteboom Trailers Also Consists Of Maurice Geraets (Director Of Nxp Semiconductors) And Frans Maarse (Ceo Van Bilsen Group). The Knowledge And Experience Of The Supervisory Board Members Provides Important Support For The Successful Implementation Of The Strategy That Nooteboom Has Outlined For The Coming Years. Product Innovation New Production Techniques Digitization And Strengthening Our Business Operations Play An Important Role In This. Marinka Nooteboom: “We Thank Henk Riemens For His Great Contribution To Nooteboom Trailers And Look Forward To Working With Ron Deelen As Chairman Of The Supervisory Board.”

Faymonville Distribution Ag Delivers Max Trailer And Low Loader To Ghana

Faymonville Distribution Ag Delivers Max Trailer And Low Loader To Ghana

Welcome To Ghana! This Axle Multi Max Semi Trailer Left Our Factory A Few Weeks Ago And Now Arrived Safely At The Port Of Tema. It Is The First Faymonville Trailer For Baj Freight Limited Well Known Freight And Logistics Company In West Africa Providing Customs Brokerage Freight Forwarding And Logistics Support In Various Sectors Including The Oil And Gas Sector. At Faymonville They Found The Perfect All Rounder To Move A Large Variety Of Heavy And Oversized Cargo Such As Tanks Columns Transformers Cranes And Many More. The New Multi Max In Blue Colors Is Equipped With Hydraulic Suspension &Amp; Steering An Hydraulically Lifting And Lowering Gooseneck And Robust Double Ramps. The Platform Of The New Vehicle Is Double Extendable Up To A Max. Length Of 33500mm. The Right Transport Tool For Baj Freight Limited To Move Longest And Heaviest Cargo As Well As Machinery For Industry Construction Or Mining Projects! Baj Freight Limited Is Looking To Use The Versatility And Quality Of These Trailers …. To The Max!

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What are Trailers?

It is a vehicle that is unpowered and is towed by a powered vehicle from one place to another. It is majorly used to transport different types of goods and materials safely. These trailers are categorised in different types on the basis of their uses, dimensions, capacities, models, body design, features, durability, and price. Trailers can also be customized to accomplish some specific needs. Logistics companies, contractors, distributors and more in need of trailers can buy affordable new and used trailers online at

Heavy duty trailers are used to haul equipment or other heavy-duty tasks that are being performed across different industries. Some of the styles of equipment trailers consist of landscaping trailers, flatbed trailers, gooseneck trailers, utility trailers, lowboy trailers, and tilt trailers. Trailers have undoubtedly made transporting hassle-free. 

Trailer Types

  • Flatbed Trailer - These types of trailers are quite a popular semi-trailer that is used today. The length of these trailers is either 48 feet or 53 feet, while the width of 96 or 102 inches. The most popular combo comes with a steel frame and aluminium bed and these types often have a wood portion for nailing down dunnage boards and aluminium. 
  • Removable Gooseneck Trailer - These trailers are used for transporting tall and heavy loads and equipment from one place to another. They are designed in such a way that it can carry up to 150,000 pounds depending on the number of axles the trailer has.  These trailers have a maximum of 20 axles and the maximum legal length is 29 feet. There is another type in these trailers which is stretch removable gooseneck trailers that are similar to the removable gooseneck trailer but they are the stretch version with a maximum length of 65 feet. 
  • Lowboy Trailer / Lowbed Trailer - These types of semi-trailers include drops in deck height consisting of one in the right side after the gooseneck and other on the right side before the wheels. These drops help the deck to remain low as compared with other kinds of trailers. Lowbed trailers are mostly used to haul heavy equipment including bulldozers, industrial equipment, etc.
  • Reefer Trailer - Reefer trailers which are also known as refrigerated trailers are used to transport chilled or frozen products as the temperature inside these trailers can easily be managed irrespective of what the outside temperature is. These trailers are dry van trailers that come with an internal cooling system. They are perfect to keep the enclosed goods fresh and prevent them from getting damaged while transporting as well. The weight of these trailers is the same as dry vans but the width of these trailers is 8.2 with a maximum legal height of 8 feet.
  • Conestoga Trailers - These trailers have an innovative sliding tarp system that is useful in covering valuable cargo while transporting without damaging them at all. Also, these trailers protect the overall finishing or moving parts of the goods or equipment. You can place order for a used Conestoga trailer online at a comparatively low cost.

Besides there are many other types of trailers available in the market which you can purchase as per your consideration and business requirements. If you are interested in purchasing new or used trailers then you can explore a lot of variety of trailers at Plant & Equipment. We are the best online construction equipment and truck marketplaces in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. 

We help our valued sellers publish information about their different types of trailers for sale with a detailed description. On the other hand buyers in any business can visit us 24x7 to explore information about used trailer for sale of various brands. Such brands include Krone, Schmitz, Goldhofer and more online.