Dump trucks vs tipping trailers - Which one should you opt for?

Posted on 23 September 19


More than a hundred years ago, dump trucks were invented in England. Thus, you can presume that dump trucks are associated with a long history. But, over time, their power and dumping technology have significantly changed for the better even though their purpose still stays true to the initial objective. Commonly called Tipping Trailers or dump trailers, more or less, have continued down the same line, except for the fact that they need to be attached to a truck or tractor head in order to be utilized. 

Both dump trucks and tipping trailers are used to move materials from one place to another. Hence, on the face value, they appear to be quite similar. However, they are definitely and not even remotely the same. 

Dump Trucks

A dump truck is shorter and smaller than a dump trailer. It is used for carrying construction materials and heavy waste from one location to another. But a dump truck carries out the job in a slightly different way, producing remarkable results for heavy loads especially crusher and quarry sites. 

A dump truck features technologically advanced mechanisms for lifting purposes. Most dump trucks come as a single piece and already pre-assembled, saving you the trouble of assembling them yourselves. On the contrary, you won't be able to change the size of the dump as and when needed. 


  • Dump trucks are powerful and durable. They are capable of working with any kind of load. 
  • The vehicle and the dump mechanism cannot be separated, making it a very reliable option. 
  • Dump trucks are stable vehicles which will never lose their balance while dumping loads. 
  • Maneuvering and operating a dump truck is easy and simple. 


  • A dump truck is an excellent choice, but only for those who can afford it. 
  • Dump trucks are not one of the most versatile tools. You cannot alter its size, length, or carrying capacity.

Tipping Trailers

Add a hitched dump tub behind a trailer and there you have a tipping trailer. However, some tipping trailers come straight out of the factory as pre-assembled dump vehicles. Both these kinds of tipping trailers are very useful as they offer several opportunities. 

Tipping trailers may appear tall and broad, but they are designed mostly for lighter loads. However, there are tipping trailers that are small. You are free to pick a size that best suits your construction needs. 


  • Tipping trailers come in a variety of sizes so you can pick one that is most appropriate to your needs. 
  • The lifting mechanism of dump trailers is much simpler than other options. 
  • You can get a trailer and attach it to any kind of vehicle you want in order to move it around. 
  • Tipping trailers are a more affordable option than dump trucks. 


  • It requires a lot of skill and experience to maneuver a tipping trailer, particularly a large one. 
  • Trailers do not quite hold good when it comes to stability. They can produce strong vibrations while dumping loads using the lifting mechanism. 

Dump Trucks vs Tipping Trailers

If you are considering whether to get a dump truck or a dump trailer, then you must know what makes them different from each other before making the final call. 

  • Even though dump trailers might offer greater weight-bearing capacity, they are difficult and dangerous to operate with heavy loads. Dump trucks, on the other hand, also provide the great weight-bearing ability and are strong enough to hold tons of weight. But once you opt for a particular dump truck, you are stuck with its loading capacity. 
  • Tipping trailers are more suitable for paved roads and not suitable for tight spaces and difficult terrains. Dump trucks can be safely and efficiently used in rocky or sandy terrains. 
  • Tipping trailers feature the best dumping mechanism that uses less power. However, dump trucks offer much more durable and stable mechanisms that complete the task faster. 
  • Even though dump trailers are a more affordable solution than dump trucks, the largest trailers can be very expensive in some instances. 

So, which is the better alternative? 

If you want a dumping vehicle that can work with various types of loads and is affordable, then you should go for a dump trailer. But, if you want a vehicle that is stable, easy and safe to use on which you can afford to spend a significant amount of money, then you should go for a dump truck. The vehicle you choose must meet your construction requirements. 

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