Everything You Need to Know About Mechanical Crushers and Screens

Posted on 07 January 20


When it comes to improving the quality of operations and productions of the mining processes, one factor that plays a very important role is to choose the right equipment that can help you to boost your productivity and reliability.

In the mineral mining industries, durable crushers and screens play a very important role. Said to be a modern solution for such processes, crushing and screening is all about refining the process of mineral processing in the land development works including hilly regions.

What is a Crusher?

Crusher is a machine designed specifically for extraction and breaking down processes. It is used to crush or reduce the size of the large rocks into smaller rocks, gravels, and rock dust. The process employed is called mechanical crushing and is used to reduce the size, change the form into small and minute pieces.

The resultant material can easily be used in other works that need them in smaller sizes like for easily disposing or recycling process, size reduction for a solid mix of raw materials so that the different pieces can be easily differentiated. Today, buyers can easily choose to buy a branded crusher online at PlantAndEquipment.com.

While crushing, the material is held between two parallel or tangent solid surfaces and the crushing device applies a higher force to bring the surfaces together. In this process, a higher amount of energy is generated within the material which is being crushed so that the molecules separate from each other and deform altogether.

During the early times, crushing was employed by using stones whose weight provided a boost to muscle power. Other old types of crushers include querns and mortars.

What are Mechanical Screens?

Mechanical screens or screening is a process in which the granulated ore is separated into many grades by particle size. Such an operation is carried out in a variety of industries mainly mining and mineral processing, in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food, plastics, and recycling amongst the others.

Screens are those that contain a disintegrated material of one particle size. The screening process is categorized into two parts, wet screening, and dry screening. Not only this but after the mechanical screening separates the material into grades, they can be further processed into an intermediate product a finished product for selling and marketing purposes.

Depending on whether the screen is moving or not, it is called a moving screen or a static screen machine. Other categorizations include a horizontal screen or an inclined screen. One can place an order for branded rock crushers and screens with great features to accomplish different purposes without hassle.

Different Types of Screens Used in Various Processes

To break into the geological structures of the earth, you need to use products that can aggregate matter so that it can be transformed into a marketable commodity.

The following are the different types of screens:

  • Dewatering screens:
    Such screens are used for dewatering, rinsing, scrubbing, and de-gritting the wet aggregate. The output is a drip-free aggregate matter that can serve the purpose.
  • Grizzly Screens:
    This screen is used for primary mechanical screening purposes and is fitted in between the primary feeding and a crusher. This results in an end product that is water-resistant in nature. A grizzly screen is perfect for materials manufactured from manganese steel and high impact alloys and their disintegration.
  • Single and double deck linear screen:
    Such type of horizontal screens is all about varying aperture arrangements. It is ideal for conveyance and size separation roles.
  • Banana Screens:
    Also, known as the innovative screen, this delivers a threefold productivity gain over the traditional ones. The screen has to be changed depending on the particulate matter required.

The Different Type of Crushers Used in Various Processes

The different type of crushers depends on the stage of crushing that has to be accomplished. For primary operations, the material is directly run into the mine, for secondary ones, the crusher is to reduce the size further and that for tertiary operations is to reduce it to the desired size for marketing purposes. These crushers are classified depending on the fracturing energy of the material.

Below are the most common types of crushers:

  • Jaw Crushers:
    It is used as a primary crusher and is used to break the material in the initial phases. The reduction ratio is mostly 6:1 and two jaws are employed for the process, one of which is kept stationary and the other one is kept fixed.
  • Gyratory crusher:
    It is similar to the jaw crushers; the only difference is that it has a concave surface and a conical head. This crusher can be used as both primary and secondary crushing process.
  • Cone crusher:
    It has a crushing cone and an operating mechanism. It is known to break materials by using an eccentrically gyrating spindle. This ensures that you can use this crusher in the large-scale crushing experience.
  • Roller crusher:
    It is used for fine crushing operations so that compression can be used to crush the materials. The reduction ratio is 2 to 2.5 to 1.
  • Hammer Crusher:
    It ensures high-speed and fine crushing processes.
  • Impact crushers:
    It is generally used for soft and non-abrasive materials.

The Advantages

  • They help in reducing the operation time and making it easy for the end product result
  • Using equipment with outstanding performance ensures good quality
  • Operation time is reduced
  • The processes ensure a fine end product and the required particle size is formed.

The Applications

Crushers and screens can be employed in a variety of crushed stone industries for the primary, secondary, and tertiary crushing of the granite gneiss, limestone, and other hard and medium hard rocks in the ore and cement industry. It is also employed in mineral processing and related industries.


With the proper machinery, you can ensure that all the operations are taking place in the desired manner along with the right type of particle size. Crushers and screens are all about breaking the big materials into small and refined pieces that can be easily used for various purposes. Do not make hasty decisions rather make the required comparison for the right decision of buying essential heavy equipment. Explore online to purchase flexible stationary crushers and screens at a competitive price.



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