Heavy Equipment Buying Tips

Posted on 19 March 20


Most of the businesses buy new equipment for having a smoother flow of work, especially when the older heavy equipment fail to work effectively and efficiently. Whether you are buying new or used earthmoving machinery, you must consider some of the factors so that you can buy for your business and do justice with your hard-earned money. Based on your purpose of usage you can have a choice without compromising on the price of the product. Heavy pieces of equipment are mostly used by the construction sites and mining quarries. However, the type of equipment that is being used by these users is completely dependent on the type of project they handle. 

Buying machinery or heavy equipment is a time-consuming process but you need to invest your time and efforts at the time of selecting them. A wrong decision not only will result in wastage of time and money but will hamper your team productivity as well. It is better to take into consideration some of the essential things while buying brand new or used heavy equipment. It can help you bag great deals.

Below is some of the highly considerable heavy equipment buying tips: 

  • Consider Your Exact Requirements

Before considering buying equipment, you must consider the equipment’s size, model, attachments, and capabilities. Keep in mind your project need before making a final decision. Explore all the possible options that might suit your needs. You must do a thorough research before coming to any conclusion. Analyse your requirements carefully before finalizing construction machinery for your company. After all buying heavy equipment is a long-time investment and needs to be taken seriously. 

  • Inspect Equipment History

Another important factor which you need to consider in the case of used heavy equipment is checking the history of equipment before buying it, like its usage, durability, number of working hours, and much more. Make sure that the product you are considering buying has no loans pending and is not stolen equipment. Check the title of the equipment and remember that you can’t transfer the ownership in case the equipment isn’t paid in full and still some instalments need to be paid.

  • Paperwork

Make sure that all the necessary and much-needed documents are in place that states that there are no liens. Use online information before coming up to any conclusion. You can also get in touch with your bank to figure out whether the equipment has liens against them or not. It’s better to buy the required equipment from trusted sites that have authentic sellers and gives an assurance of genuine products. 

  • Check the Fluids

In the case of ownership transfer of an used construction machinery some of the fluids that you need to check before buying heavy equipment include transmission fluid, engine oil, hydraulic fluid, coolant, etc. Analyse the fluids so that you can have a deep insight into the present condition of the equipment and can understand how it was being maintained in the past by the previous owner. 

Dirty or low fluids clearly reflect that the machine or equipment was not handled with care in the past and lacks the standard maintenance agenda. Other signs like water in the engine oil showcase that there is a critical issue in the equipment you are planning to buy. The technical state of the equipment like welds, working state of the engine, and the presence of leaking fluids reflect the poor condition of the equipment. Avoid buying such heavy equipment for your business.

  • Brand of the Heavy Equipment

It is better to consider buying branded heavy equipment. No matter whether you are going for new or used construction machinery, prefer machinery from the popular international brands. It will help you enjoy many advantages and is cost-effective. Some of the well-known brands to consider are Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, JCB, Liebherr, Hitachi, Doosan, XCMG, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, MAN, Renault, DAF, Scania, Iveco, and others.

  • Models of a Heavy Equipment

The model of heavy equipment plays a very important role. The features in machinery depend on its model. The latest model will provide you the advantage of great features. It is strongly recommended to prefer buying heavy machinery model with the latest technology. 

  • Number of Operating Hours of Equipment

This is one of the most important factors that need your consideration. Always check how long the equipment has been operated for, though it might not indicate the exact condition of the construction equipment but it is always good to investigate this way. You can also do a quick cost calculation as it will determine whether this particular investment is worthy or not? Also, make sure that regular maintenance has been performed on the equipment in the past otherwise you will have to spend a significant amount towards the maintenance of the equipment. 

  • Wear and Tear

There is no doubt to the fact that used equipment will have some signs of wear and tear which is acceptable but ensure that there is no major damage. Look out for hairline cracks, rust or damage which might result in equipment breakdown in the future and can result in huge investment from your side. Repairing heavy construction equipment is not only an inexpensive affair. It also means complete shut-out of work due to repairing of the machine which can result in huge losses to your business.

  • Look for Economical Deals

No matter how long your project last, it is always beneficial to buy used construction equipment rather than buying a new one. You can make significant reductions in the money spent on buying new machinery as well. Moreover, used construction equipment is as good as a new one. It is just that you need to check the working condition, state of its parts, and its durability before buying one.

It is better to take the decision of buying used or new heavy equipment after considering your business needs or specific construction and civil project requirements. You can explore some of the trusted online platforms like Plant & Equipment and more to get a list of smart deals meeting your heavy equipment buying needs. 

As a buyer you can easily gather relevant information related to the diverse range of heavy equipment. You can get the best solution for wheel loaders, generators, lifts, motor graders, trucks, tipping trailers, dump trucks, cranes, dozers, and much more online.

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