Most Common Cranes Used in Construction

Posted on 12 May 19


Most Common Cranes Used in Construction

The crane is one of the most important equipment in the construction industry and heavy equipment manufacturing. It has hoist rope, wire ropes, and sheaves that enable it to lift or lower heavy materials or move them from one place to another. Cranes can be controlled by push button pendant control station or by radio-type controls.

There are different types of cranes for sale that are used in construction. Some are fixed on the ground and there are also some that are mounted on a vehicle. Here are some of the commonly used cranes. 

Truck Mounted Crane

The Truck Mounted Crane, which is also called the boom truck or picker truck, is a crane mounted on a rubber tire truck. This one provides greater mobility. Usually, mounted crane has a capacity of fewer than 50 tons. The equipment has outriggers that stabilize the crane during hoisting.

Loader Crane

A loader crane is also called a folding boom crane and is used to load equipment onto a trailer. It is a hydraulically powered articulated arm fitted to a trailer. When it’s not in use, it’s numerous sections can be folded. 


Tower Crane

Just like its name, the tower crane can stand so tall and can reach up to 1000 meters high, which is equivalent to around 280 story building. This crane is commonly used in constructing tall buildings because it gives the best combination of height and lifting capacity.


All Terrain Crane

This crane has more wheels than a normal vehicle. These wheels prevent the vehicle from overturning in rough terrains. Even if it’s specially made for rough terrains, it can move with the same mobility in paved areas as well. 

Cranes are among the most useful equipment in the construction industry. They have become a common sight in any site that involves lifting of heavy materials. Each type of crane has a different purpose or function so it’s important to determine the specific crane you need in construction works.

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