What is the Difference between a Crane and Hydra Machine

Posted on 27 June 19


What is the Difference between a Crane and Hydra Machine

From manufacturing industries to transport industries, the roles that cranes play are indispensable. Generally, a crane is a machine used for lifting or moving heavy objects particularly for construction works. It can also be used in loading, unloading of packages and assemblage of bulky equipment. They can be either radio-type controlled or controlled by a push button pendant control station. Parts like hoist rope, wire ropes and sheaves help them do their work. 

Cranes are available in different forms and each one has its own unique use. The sizes can vary greatly depending on the amount of work. From the small ones used inside workshops to the bigger ones used for constructing tall buildings or even salvage the sunken ships, cranes have wide use in the industry. 

What is a crane? 

A crane is well-equipped with cables, pulleys and is ideal for lifting objects. Cranes are generally used in manufacturing industries where heavyweights are to be lifted. The ones that are used in construction are usually attached to a temporary built structure. 

What is a hydra machine? 

A hydra machine basically consists of a number of tubes that are fitted within one another. This is called a boom. To increase or decrease the total length of the boom, a hydraulic cylinder is extended that retraces the tubes, thus altering its length. These are ideal for rescue jobs, lifting objects in and out of the water and other short-term construction projects. However, some of these are truck mounted, they are also suitable for mobile applications.

What makes them different?

  • Limitations in handling- Both the machines are used in material handling. With a Hydra machine, one can both lift and carry the load of the material while the materials or the load can only be lifted and not carried by the cranes. 
  • Flexibility- A crane can swing or rotate 360 degrees while a hydra machine cannot do so.
  • Capacity- The weight capacity of the crane is more than that of a hydra machine. 
  • Stability- A crane is a more stable option. A hydra machine is prone to accidents more than a crane. The chances of tippling are more in a hydra machine with increasing height while carrying.

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