Why is it Important to Have Photos and Videos for Heavy Equipment and Truck Listings?

Posted on 09 April 20


About the Digital Age

The 21st century is an age of digital innovation. With everything available over the internet, customers can make more focused choices by looking at the products online including Heavy Equipment and Trucks. But, how can you make customers indulge in a real-time product review system? It is through videos and images of the product or machinery.

Did you know that more than 2.5 billion people like browsing online content on mobile phones? Well, we have surely entered the age of visual culture, a decade where online photos and videos matter more than the real images. Even if you are a heavy equipment and construction products company, it is important that you take into consideration facts like customer traffic, lead conversion, and boost in the SEO ranking. One way you can enhance user experience on your website is by adding clear, crisp, and original photos and helpful product description videos.

Importance of Photos and Videos in Product Listing at PlantAndEquipment.com

PlantAndEquipment.com an extensively sought marketplace online for mining equipment, agriculture machines, construction equipment, and more. New and used heavy equipment and truck sellers use our dedicated marketplace to get their products listed for sale. Buyers from different locations visit Plant & Equipment to fulfil their need of buying used heavy equipment, trucks, and more. The importance of uploading photos and videos of heavy equipment and trucks is limitless.

Heavy equipment and trucks involve huge investments no matter whether it a new one or used. The importance of photos and videos is limitless for every product including trucks, heavy equipment, and more. It is useful for both sellers and buyers. It helps a buyer have a better understanding and make the right decision. On the other hand, it also helps sellers attract more buyers with the minimum effort.

Today, buyers prefer exploring online shopping platforms and marketplaces to gather information about varied types of products. Even companies in construction businesses devote time online at a trusted marketplace like Plant & Equipment and more to buy used heavy equipment, trucks, and other machinery for civil works with the help of photo images and video descriptions.

Advantage of Photos and Videos in Heavy Equipment and Truck Listings

1. These images will help in enhancing your SEO as well

It is truly said, that a picture is worth thousands of words and that stands true even for marketing and other tactics. Construction equipment companies need to make sure that they have great pictures of all their heavy-duty products on their website so that they can illustrate the content better to the users/buyers.

It is true that on search engines like Google you can increase heavy equipment visibility through good quality images, with the right file name, captions, alt text, and title text. One thing that you need to consider is that the image is of the right size, responsive, and scalable so that your website can load quickly on different devices.

It is also important to be as detailed as possible. Try to take clear pictures of engines, serial numbers, interior of the cabin, wheels etc. The more photos of the machinery listings, the better chance buyers will be confident to enquire your listings.

2. Adding videos boost the conversion and sales

Product description videos are a great way for brands to make some serious money. Adding a product video can help in increasing conversions online by over 80%. Furthermore, product videos can directly relate to sales as well. According to a study, it is said, 74% of users who saw these videos bought the products. The effectiveness of video is not surprising at all since visuals have a special way of being remembered by the brain as compared to text. The same thing applies to trucks and heavy equipment online.

3. Videos and Images shows great ROI

For business, what matters the most is their ROI. If your methods and tactics are not productive for your business, it’s time to transform the methodology or change them entirely. Furthermore, 83% of businesses believe that videos have a good return on investment. It is true that video production can take up a dig on the finances but it pays you off big time. Besides, there are many video editing tools that can help you to make the most of your investment. All videos had to do is to make sure that the heavy equipment and truck description is being explained in the right manner. Moreover, product images boost sales easily.

4. Videos and photos help in building trust as well

A big motto of a website is to build trust among the potential global machinery buyers. Because trust is the foundation of conversion and sales, and that’s what websites are built for. Trust is what keeps the brand going for an infinite time interval. The videos and images should not be about selling the products to the customers, it should be about making an apt description for them, casting a long-lasting impression as well.

Videos and photos are great to portray your emotions and engage better with the customers. Promotional videos can help in fostering trust with the customers. Since most of the customers are very skeptical about buying products online, videos and multiple photos of heavy equipment and trucks are a great way to indulge in the individualistic approach.

5. Videos and photo images are highly appealing for mobile users

Videos are designed for different mobile platforms. About 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. Moreover, mobile videos have grown by 233% in recent years. It is all because of their amazing reception. It just seems right for a company to indulge in product videos and high-quality photo images online. Since people like watching videos so much, adding some heavy equipment and truck category videos while listing to your website is going to be a great thing for your business. Not to mention, but with this, your video audience keeps getting bigger and bigger boosting sales of the widest range of construction machinery, trucks, and revenue growth

6. Content marketing is all about amazing videos, photos, and reception

Are you going to launch a new product? Do you want your audience to know amazing features of your heavy equipment including trucks, cranes, lifts, dozers, etc. through images and videos? Around 98% of consumers like to watch an explainer video about a product to know its features and description. This means that you can use video marketing to get more advantages.

The product videos, infographics are great for explaining killer concepts and help in bringing the products to the limelight. These videos are a perfect combination of entertainment, nostalgia, and simplicity. They always work. In other words, videos and images of your used heavy equipment can also help in making your content stand out online.

Online marketing and promotion are all about good pictures and amazing videos. With so many marketers using video marketing as an effective tool, brands can use it for their leverage. Thus, it is very important to use high-quality photo images online and descriptive info videos for earthmoving equipment and truck listings at PlantAndEquipment.com . It will not only prove highly beneficial to sellers but also for the buyers.

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