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Backhoe Loaders
Backhoe loaders are a type heavy machinery that generally combines the functionality of a excavator and a small wheel loader by having a bucket on the front and a backhoe or boom on the rear. This heavy equipment is also known as digger, loader backhoe etc. in the heavy construction industry. 
The versatility and small size of a backhoe loader makes it very useful and beneficial in urban engineering as well as construction projects. 

Uses and applications

  • Backhoe loaders are considered to be a common heavy equipment for construction projects. It has a variety of uses and applications such as constructions, light transportation of the building materials, small demolitions, excavation/digging holes, powering building equipment’s etc. In addition, backhoes assist in paving roads, breaking asphalt, landscaping etc. 
  • Backhoe bucket can easily be replaced with powered attachments such as stump grinder, auger, grapple, breaker etc. Some of the loaders generally feature quick coupler mounting systems along with auxiliary hydraulic circuits for the purpose of simplified attachment mounting. It thus increases machine’s utilization on a job site. Retractable bottom backhoe loader is also likely to be used in case of grading and scraping. 
  • Precise control and the small frame of a backhoe loader make it very useful in different urban engineering projects like repair and construction in the areas that are too small for the larger equipment. This is the reason backhoe loaders are very popular in different industries. However, in the case of big projects, excavators and wheel loaders are generally preferred over backhoe loader. 
  • Different websites let you purchase or take backhoe loaders on rent. Different  projects may need different types backhoe loader. This machine has become extremely popular in recent times for its variety of uses and applications. 

Backhoe Loader Manufactures
Search through a large inventory for sale of different backhoe loaders on Typical manufactures included are Caterpillar, Komatsu, XCMG, JCB, Case, New Holland, LiuGong, Synbon, and more at