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I offer jacking machines controlled NODIGMARKET24, Model: NDM-20 (200kN) for passing under roads, rivers and tracks.

The machines are produced with various hydraulic parameters. The example machine in the pictures has a tensile force of 200kN (20t) and allows pulling PE pipes up to 200mm.

The maximum length of the jacking is 60m. It also enables cracking on small asbestos, cast iron and stoneware pipes.

Execution of the controlled squeeze takes place at the execution of a small excavation, rough setting of the machine, arming the warhead with a radio probe and pilot drilling. Then, mount the expanding head depending on the diameter of the installed pipe and pull it into the ground. The whole process is done dry. Drilling polymers are used to retract the pipe over a longer distance. giving a significant slip and reducing friction when pulling.

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Eng. Damian Sobczak

Specialist in the construction of culverts and mechatronics

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