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To search for Equipment for Sale on, go to Find Equipment tab on homepage and then select on your preference by: "New Equipment, Used Equipment, Spare Parts, View All Brands, or View All Categories". You can filter your search by make, model, year, price, and more or use the keyword search bar from the homepage or search results.Click on a listing to view the equipment for more information.

On the listing item page, fill out the simple form under “Check Availability”. will send the enquiry form to the seller. Give sellers up to 48 hours to respond since the time you submit your request. If they do not, please contact us so we can inform the seller.

If you would like to keep an eye on a vehicle, you can click on the star shape with a text "Add to Watchlist" in the top right corner of the listing page. Log-in to your Dashboard and click the “Browsing History” tab to view all saved items.

Sellers and dealers can list their equipment by subscribing with our 6- or 12-month subscription plans. Please contact our sales team for more details.

Yes, you can bulk import by XML, scraping (subject to approval), or excel file.

The main reason is our compliance team has not approved your listings yet. It can take up to 48 hours to receive approval.

No, some dealers might not be approved for not following our policies and procedures and abusing the site. We may ask for trade license and documentation for verification.

If your item is sold, we charge a low-priced fixed fee. If the item is not sold, it costs nothing.

Many of our customers are prepared to bid on an auction lot without having seen it, but some may insist on seeing it beforehand. P&E Auctions request that sellers whenever possible make auction products accessible for viewings. A transaction for the sale or purchase of an auction outside of the site cannot be completed or facilitated by buyers or sellers engaging in any transaction.

The lot might be auctioned off with a reserve per the sellers' desire. Any reserve amount is decided with in cooperation with the P&E Auctions team to ensure that it is a reasonable amount. Once a reserve has been accepted by P&E Auctions, you may lower it or remove it by giving P&E Auctions a written notice.

Sellers must provide custom documents, ownership documents, trade license and auction item information. The P&E team will review the submitted documents and contact you on the next steps.

We will request important information and supporting documentation when you submit equipment items for auction. Our team of experts will get in touch with you to get further information when we decide to sell an auction item.

No, you cannot participate in your own auction or have a colleague participate on your behalf.  You will be accountable for paying all expenses incurred by P&E Auctions as a result of skewing the results of your Auction Lot and your violation of the Terms and Conditions if we have reason to believe that you or someone acting on your behalf has bid on your auction item.

You are unable to remove your equipment once you have sent P&E Auctions your auction item and the clock has started to run. You will be required to pay P&E Auctions the fees in line with the Terms and Conditions if you decide to remove your equipment.

We will send the buyer an invoice to pay for the equipment after a successful auction lot sale on the platform, and we will also charge a buyer’s premium fee. To ensure a seamless procedure, our team will liaise with the buyer and you.

The auction listing will be transferred to our "Sold" section, where the winning bid, the auction's finish date, all the photographs, and the description will be shown, after the highest price has been accepted.

The highest bid made during the auction will be reported to the seller if the auction lot doesn't reach the reserve price. After the auction is over, the seller will have two days to accept or reject this bid.

Every auction has a seven-day duration. However, the precise time frame may change. That's because each new bid in the last minute of an auction resets the timer to the allotted time.

When you find the item you wish to bid on, you can submit a Live bid or a Max Bid (more info below). The bid boxes usually suggest the lowest amount you may bid, but you can always pick a greater number by manually entering the amount you wish to spend on the item.

You must first log in with your user information and pay the deposit before you can submit a bid. If this is your first time here, Create an Account You can bid on all things once you have activated your account via the email delivered to the email address you submitted and successfully paid the deposit.

You have the option of entering the maximum bid you envision paying for the item. P&E Auctions will then bid on the auction for you until the amount limit is reached. If the bidding stops, you will receive the item at the lowest possible price. During the auction, a Max Bid is hidden from the other bidders. Only the current highest bid is revealed.

A buyer account at is completely free. Register by clicking the Create Account button. Log in as a buyer and pay the deposit after you've chosen a password. After it has been approved, you can begin bidding on one or more products.

Every auction item you win includes a Buyer's Premium fee. The fee cost is set at 5% (minimum $225, maximum $7,500).

To bid, all bidders must register by providing complete information. We keep all of your information private.

P&E Auctions items come from corporations, contractors, and rental fleets that pay us to auction their used equipment, trucks, and automobiles. P&E Auctions is only a middleman. During bidding, all vendors remain anonymous.

Yes, you are allowed to resell your purchased products from P&E Auctions and list it in our classified marketplace or re-auction the item (subject to approval).

When you pick up the product, it is your responsibility as a buyer to do an investigation. If the product does not match the description when you pick it up, you can cancel or complain about the transaction.

You can place a deposit by logging in the dashboard, then click on “Activate Auctions” and then fill out the form to place a deposit. Buyers can pay the deposit by credit card or wire transfer.

Yes, deposits are refundable if you are not in bidding on any auction item or in the process of buying an auction item.

When you win the auction, the P&E Auctions staff will send you an invoice by e-mail. When P&E Auctions receives your payment, you will be notified via email and given the option to pick up the merchandise or request third-party shipping arrangements.

When you insert a bid on P&E Auctions, it is deemed binding and cannot be canceled.

You must be 21 years of age to bid at P&E Auctions.

The items on P&E Auctions have been documented and inspected by

Unless marked 'No Reserve,' all auction items will have a reserve price.

The reserved price is the lowest price that the seller wants for his item. If this amount is not met by the end of the auction, the seller will have the option to accept the highest bid. P&E Auctions does not accept items with unrealistic reserve prices or those that are greater than the estimated market worth of the product.

If the reserve price is not reached, the seller will have the option to accept the highest bid. After the auction, a negotiation could happen between the seller and the highest bidder.

P&E Auctions avoids sniping by automatically extending the timer. Any bid received inside the last two minutes will automatically result in an additional three minutes. After then, the auction will conclude when there are no further bids within a two-minute interval.

P&E Auctions has bid increments which is the minimum amount that the auction item must be increased each time a buyer inserts the next highest bid.

Bidders are given the option to see the item before placing a bid if the seller has permitted the viewing. Many auction items do not have a preview, but the auction listings provide the inspection report, information, and photographs from P&E Auctions.

P&E Auctions does not have its own yard; rather, you can pick up the products at the seller's location or arrange for a third-party shipping business to pick them up. The auction paperwork includes the location, and the specific address is included with the payment confirmation.

If there is a Max Bid during the auction, the Max Bid always wins since the first recorded bid always wins. The same holds true if two Max Bids end up at the same level. The first bidder to place Max Bid wins.

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