No Dig Turkey

No Dig Turkey

Date 9th - 11th October 2019

Highlights of No-Dig Turkey 2018 Fair

More than 1000 participants and 30 companies from Germany, UK, Austria, Japan, Russia, Belarussia, Malaysia, Iran, Egypt and Turkey took place in the event. TSITT Chairman Yasin Torun made an opening speech and then General Managers of Turkish Ministry for Water Affairs, ISKI (Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration) and ASKI (Ankara Water and Sewerage Administration) made keynote speeches respectively. GSTT Executive Director Dr. Klaus Beyer and AATT Board Member Mark André Haebler were guests of honour.

Four sessions were held during the event in order to present the benefits of trenchless applications to decrease water losses in pipelines. Turkey has a strong 20-year history of utilising trenchless technology, mainly in microtunnelling, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and pipeline rehabilitation projects. As the urbanisation rate continuously increases in the country’s metropolitan cities, local and central governments have found that there are no better alternatives to trenchless solutions for the new installation and rehabilitation works. Over the 2018 to 2020 period, more than 6,000 km of CCTV inspection and cleaning works will be completed in Istanbul. This includes more than 200 km of cured-in-place pipe and close-fit sliplining works, as well as more than 100 km microtunnelling, pipe jacking and HDD works during the same period.

Why Participate

Aim of the Fair: To bring together all of the parties engaged in the planning, designing, implementation and management processes of projects; such as, service recipient public bodies, service providing private companies, subcontracting companies, universities, non-governmental organizations and companies that provide materials, machinery and equipment. The only platform where people can view and gain information on Turkey’s infrastructure projects.

  • The only sector-based experts’ Fair where private one-on-one business meetings are planned systematically.
  • A strong Fair that will bring together all relevant organizations in Ankara; the center of developing industry and close to other developing industrial cities.
  • Held at the same time as the 5th Water Loss Forum Turkey organized by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and with the support of State Hydraulic Works
  • The most comprehensive organization in its field that has been organized to develop the industry connections, customer relations, sales networks and brand recognition of the participant companies.

Why Visit?

  • The most extensive organization aimed at bringing together contractor firms and subcontractors working on infrastructure projects.
  • The only exhibition where the most current technology and equipment used for infrastructure construction will be displayed.
  • An exhibition that will be attended by many international institutions and organizations, and which will host scientific side events and exhibition area networking events.
  • The most extensive and qualified platform to conduct research into the relevant markets.

Visitor Profile

  • Representatives of the relevant construction companies
  • Project management companies
  • Engineers, architects, surveyors, technical experts
  • Vendors and distributors of construction machinery and equipment
  • Work safety specialists and technicians
  • Consultancy firms
  • Accreditation bodies
  • Construction machinery and equipment rental companies
  • Technicians and officials working at public agencies and inspection bodies
  • Universities and vocational training centers
  • Non-governmental organizations and chambers
  • Finance and insurance institutions
  • Utilities (water, sewage, telecom, electricity, gas) and petroleum organizations
  • Testing centers and laboratories

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