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Rough Terrain Cranes For Your Construction site

Rough terrain (RT) cranes have various applications and are commonly used for general construction, material handling, steel erection, and low-rise apartment construction purposes as well. Most of the hardworking industries use a rough terrain crane as it is capable of reaching any worksite and offers guaranteed service solution with no compromise on power and security. 

Capable of Manoeuvrings Over Surfaces and Around Obstacles

The rough terrain cranes are capable to drive on harsh surfaces and around obstacles as well which limit the movement of rubber-tire truck cranes and track hoe cranes. Rough terrain cranes have two, hyper-sized axles and are designed by including over-sized tires that are much wider and larger in diameter than those found on a typical radial-tire truck crane. Buyers can visit Plant & Equipment – the extensively sought online marketplace 24x7 to explore branded rough terrain cranes along with the different categories of heavy equipment. 

There are a number of favourable reasons that make it one of the most dependable types of crane sued for multipurpose. 

Compared to other types of cranes, rough terrain cranes offer some of the beneath advantages to the users:

  • As compared to truck cranes, rough terrain cranes deliver better steering capabilities, traction, and power.
  • They have a lower center of gravity and come with large tires offering better control.
  • Tighter turn radius manoeuvrability with great ease.
  • Also, these cranes are designed in a way that makes them capable of maneuvering over surfaces that limit the movement of the rubber wheels.
  • The rough terrain cranes have three steering modes which include front-wheel steering, all-wheel centric steering, and all-wheel crabbing. All these modes allow a rough terrain crane to maneuver over uneven ground, up and down steep grades, over muddy and snowy terrain and overcome each and every kind of obstacle that comes midway. 
  • In addition to the tires, rough terrain cranes have a bigger wheelbase and larger engines as compared to the truck cranes thus making the movement much easier and smoother.

Today, it has become easy to buy rough terrain cranes at a competitive cost. The market size of Rough Terrain (RT) cranes is expected to increase continuously in the coming years which are mainly due to its growing usage of these cranes across different industries including thermal, hydropower, mining, and onshore oil industries where they are used mainly for regular maintenance jobs. The higher demand for these cranes is inspiring the manufacturers and suppliers to offer equipment at the most competitive pricing besides offering after-sales support and service as well with an aim to attract more number of customers.

You can choose from the widest range of cranes manufactured by the globally recognised brands including Terex, Tadano, Liebherr, Manitowoc and more online. If you are interested in buying new or used or new rough terrain cranes online for your businesses, you can visit, the leading digital marketplace for heavy equipment and trucks in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.